Jemma trained as a classical flute player, but she realised, soon after a classmate hit her on the head with a flute, that it wasn’t her jam.  She has been passionate about music since the age of 4 years old, where her brilliant parents gifted her the opportunity to join theatre groups, dance classes and music schools. After completing a Bachelor of Music at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (the same campus as Hugh Jackman!) she has gone on to enjoy an endlessly vibrant and diverse career in children’s music, theatre and TV production. Some highlights so far:

  • Playing a purple owl puppet called Hootabelle on ABC Kids’ program Giggle and Hoot
  • Performing with Andy Day and Phil Gallagher (Mr Maker) in the Australian stage show of BBC’s Andy’s Amazing Adventures
  • Working in the Philippines and Canada producing music & visual content for TV series Preschool Play
  • Running family sessions and producing videos at Lost In Books in Sydney, a social hub that offers a safe space for women and children with diverse backgrounds who speak different languages
  • Presenting Jamming with Jemma in preschools all around the country

Jemma is in the zone and is now on the verge of releasing her first album, and in fact share a snippet of one of her songs in this podcast. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Jemma, and she has to deal with many obstacles on her journey, from doubt, fear, anxiety and a little thing called COVID. However, as you listen to her talk about how she transformed herself, you will be inspired by the passion that exudes from her, and there will be no doubt about the reason why she is and will be so successful.

Get ready to join with me and start jamming with Jemma

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