Derrick Kirk was born into a disadvantaged family in the USA. He was not eating every day and, at six years old, he was removed from his mother’s care and placed into an orphanage. He stayed there until they could legally longer keep him, and at 18 years old he was given some money and dropped into the world to fend for himself. Ill-equipped to do so, Derrick very quickly found himself homeless.

His challenges began very early in life and continued throughout. But he learned that sometimes a wrong turn actually sets you on the right path. For a myriad of reasons, growing up in an orphanage was the best thing that ever happened to him. He has since gone on to obtain a higher education degree, climb the corporate ladder at a thriving real estate firm, as well as build, develop and sell a lucrative business.

Derrick’s mission now is to help the people who find themselves in the same position he was in. He told me, he wished he had someone to help him when he was in the streets, so now he is that for many others. He helps people through his speaking and podcast, his foundation and his real estate business. You will be totally inspired by this conversation, so enjoy…

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