When you hear the word ‘adversity,’ what does image does it create in your mind? What about the words, ‘challenge,’ ‘problem,’ ‘issue,’ ‘uncertainty’ or ‘obstacle’? I don’t know about you, but the pictures that appear in my mind, when I hear those words, are not pleasant at all! Okay, what about when you think of the word ‘adventure,’ what image appears in your mind then? For me, it’s fun, exciting, exhilarating and enjoyable.

What I am going to suggest, in this week’s blog, is that we re-brand some of the situations and circumstances in our life to ‘adventure.’ Why? Because, in my mind, that’s what life actually is, one ongoing and exciting adventure. When we look at our circumstances as problems, challenges or obstacles, it can overwhelm us, create anxiety and zap our energy. Right? When we look at each day, and each situation as an adventure, it will inspire and energise us. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

This has been ever further reinforced to me, this week, after a conversation with the inspiring Peter Chambers on my podcast called ‘The purpose in adversity.’ Just over 12 months ago, Peter was diagnosed with the degenerative and incurable Motor Neurone Disease, which has significantly affected the use of his arms, and hence his life. What inspires me most about Peter is that, despite his situation, he loves his life. Why? Because this situation and now the chance to be an advocate for MND and have a positive impact on the lives of many people, has given him purpose. He totally sees this situation, and his life, as an adventure, with wonderful opportunities appearing on a daily basis.

The question, I hear you asking is, how, when some tough things happen to us all, can we see each of them as an adventure? That’s an awesome question, and the answer is simple… it’s a choice. It’s all in the perspective with which we choose to look at things. Yes, I said choose. You and I have the choice as to how we see each situation or circumstance. Now, you may argue with me, at this point, and say that you have no choice when you are struck by what seems to be an undesirable situation. I would then ask you to consider, if many people are faced with the same situation, how come each has a different response and create a different outcome?

For example, the whole world has been faced with COVID, yet there have been a myriad of different responses and different outcomes for many people. For me, after a short period of fear and uncertainty, I have seen the whole COVID situation, and whatever will happen moving forward, as a wonderful adventure. During this adventure, I have recreated my business, found a global audience, am having a greater impact, have launched a podcast, have improved myself as a person, am having more fun and have an optimistic view of my future life.

You choose adventure by focussing on the most amazing and joyful outcome that will come as a result of facing each situation with positive action, expectancy and desire to make it great. Moving through a financial challenge is a wonderful adventure as you create financial strength and stability. Overcoming a health challenge, is an exciting adventure as you transform yourself to optimal wellbeing and enjoy the wonderful things that come with it. Dealing with a relationship struggle is an incredible adventure as you move towards a beautiful connection. Every time you deal with something that stretches you, it is an adventure, because it opens the door for you to learn, improve and then bless other lives as a result.

So, can you see, with the right mindset, it is all an adventure? Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not minimising anything you are dealing with. In my life so far, I have been publicly and humiliatingly sacked from my position as a professional athlete, I have lost my mother to cancer and experienced three divorces. I know what it means to deal with ‘stuff,’ but I choose to see every situation as an adventure, because I know in my heart, by the way I look at it and deal with it, my life will be better on the other side. I wish for you, as you go about living the best life you can possibly live, that you will believe and live by the mantra… it is all an adventure!