There are many things happening around the world right now that I don’t understand. The thing that amuses and baffles me the most, is the toilet paper situation. I don’t understand the need to hoard and I don’t understand why it’s so hard for suppliers to replenish low stocks. I think there must be people out there building homes out of toilet paper rolls, or they are setting up shop to make their own profit. Whatever the reason, I am running low and there doesn’t seem to be a change in the foreseeable future. It has got to such a desperation point, I have been forced to do something I never thought I would do. I am now folding, instead of scrunching!

I am a scruncher from way back. I have always felt safe scrunching, because to me the worst thing that could happen, whilst in that wiping phase of the elimination process, is tearing through the paper in that final swiping moment! I apologise for the visual you may be getting right now, but in my mind it’s a serious consideration. As they say in the classics, desperate times call for desperate measures, so, I am adjusting and making the necessary changes I need to make to keep my toilet paper supplies lasting longer. I’m scared and uncertain, but folding anyway, and I feel great about it as I’m learning a new skill. Just so you know, this is not a blog about toilet paper, or the serious debate between scrunching and folding, it’s about adapting to change.

In a heartbeat, everything has changed. I mentioned in last week’s blog, that very quickly my business was different, and without an attitude of adaptation, I would be in serious financial trouble, as many people are finding themselves right now. The difference between those who will thrive and flourish, compared to those who will suffocate and sink, comes down to a willingness to adapt, modify and change quickly. You will see evidence all over social media, and in your email inbox, of people transforming the way they do things. The question you need to ask is, am I thriving and flourishing or suffocating and sinking?

A good friend of mine, Fiona, has, this week, experienced the incredible liberation and joy of getting out of her comfort zone, adapting and doing something that scared her. Fiona is an amazing lady who runs a successful yoga, meditation and mindfulness business and, by her own admission, is a face-to-face person and not tech savvy at all. I am currently running a series of online video sessions for an organisation and wanted to offer a session on meditation and mindfulness, so I thought, who better to ask than Fiona to run it? I actually pushed her in the deep end a little, as it was only a couple of days before the session that I asked her to do it. I could hear the fear and trepidation in her voice as she said, ‘Y-y-y-e-s.’ Which was followed by a barrage of questions; ‘How do I do it? What if it doesn’t work? What if I forget what to say? What if my computer doesn’t work? And many other questions fuelled by the fearful and uncertain thoughts going through her head.

With the exception of technological know-how, the most important thing Fiona did have, was the courage to adapt and give it a try. Long story short, she did an amazing job and, at the end of it, described her feelings to me. She was very emotional, with gratitude, for being pushed out of her comfort zone to do something that she didn’t know she could do, and, would help her fulfil her path and purpose. As a result, she feels confident, empowered and excited about what is now possible for her and her business in this time of, once uncertainty, now opportunity.

Are you ready to start folding, even if it’s not comfortable or normal for you? Are you ready to look at this time in history and say with certainty that, ‘I am ready to adapt, change and turn the uncertainty into an opportunity?’ Find someone to help you, and get into the uncomfortable action of folding, because your life will never be the same!

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