Logic tells us – based on previous experiences, current skills & abilities and logistical & organisational factors – what is possible for us. This can be incredibly limiting. I am not saying there are times when having a logical mind is a bad thing, in fact at times it is essential. What I am saying, when we use this type of logic to assess what is possible for our lives, we are potentially destroying our chances of achieving great things and living our best life.

I know that sounds like a big and bold statement. I also know I am ruffling some feathers and that there are people who violently disagree with me on this point. What I do know for 100% fact, is that I would not be sitting here launching my eighth book, TEARS of Joy, if I was led by logic. Let’s face it, when you own two businesses, one failing, work 15-hour days, seven days per week, logic would suggest that you have no time to invest in writing a book. When you struggled with English at school, don’t read, and have no background, experience or qualifications in writing, logic would indicate that you are not equipped to become an author. If I was a logical thinker, I know I would have talked myself out of that crazy idea within moments of it entering my mind.

The question then is, why didn’t I follow a ‘logical’ way of thinking? I will tell you exactly why. A logical way of thinking had led me to the darkest place in my life. Logic tells us to get an education. Logic suggests we need to get a qualification. Logic indicates we need to know what we want to do. Logic leads us to a job or career that will provide some security. Logic places value on societal norms and stereotypes. Logic led me to be working seven days per week in two businesses and, at the time I made the decision to write my first book, I was in close to $100,000 debt. I was broke and I was broken! I was doing what I had learned: get an education, get a career, work hard and ‘she’ll be right mate!’

In a moment of despair, as I reflected on the tragic life I had created for myself, I asked myself an illogical question. Instead of asking the logical, what do I want to do now? I asked myself, So, Andrew, this is not how you want to be living, how do you want to live? This question sparked a bright, bold, colourful and illogical vision for the life I wanted to be living. I saw myself having a global impact, I saw myself travelling, I saw multiple streams of income and financial strength, I saw optimal wellbeing and great relationships, and I saw myself loving every second of every day. It all sounds too good to be true, right?

There is something very powerful about a big, bright and bold vision for the life you desire, whether it seems logical or not. In that moment of clarity, the most illogical idea I have ever had dropped into my mind, and I have had some illogical ideas in my life! The idea was to write a book. As illogical as it was, the idea came from somewhere for a reason, and even though I had no idea how to do it, I could see how being an author could help me live that life I envisioned. So, without any more analysis, I got excited, I got started that day, I took it one day at a time and today I am proud to say, as I launch TEARS of Joy, I am living the life I saw in that moment almost twenty years ago.

So, let me ask you a question. Is your logical mind stopping you from chasing things that could bring incredible joy into your life? Are you letting your past experiences determine your future achievements? Are you worried that lack of skills, talents, qualification, and experience will be a barrier to chasing a dream? And the most important question is this: are you ready to choose ‘illogical’ and chase those dreams anyway? You see, from my experience, success is not about luck, circumstances, skills, talents, intellect, or many of the other logical things people will make a decision based on. When you know what you want and why, there is a predictable process that will culminate in success if it is followed. That process is described in my book, TEARS of Joy.

In my latest podcast, TEARS of Joy, I was the guest and Deborah Stathis was the guest host, and we talked about my book and this process. My plan moving forward is to continually choose ‘illogical’, and I want to encourage you to do the same. Anything is possible for you, when you push logic to the side, focus on what you want, feel the joy and desire of accomplishment, take immediate action, and create powerful routines. When you do, success is the predictable outcome, and, trust me, it will have nothing to do with logic.