i AM author Bali Retreat

July 2023

7 days, 6 nights of the most memorable and life changing experience of your life.

July 23-29 | Ubud, Bali

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve taken the first step to realising your dream.

We all have book(s) inside us, and I look forward to discovering yours. As the author of eight books, not only do I KNOW that we all have a book inside us, but also a vision to create positive change in the world. I have a proven method to help you realise that the elusive dream is well within your grasp.

7 inspiring days and 6 luxurious nights enjoying being pampered Body, Mind and Soul…but, most importantly remove yourself from distractions and into a magnificent environment, where it’s all about YOU!

Andrew Jobling
(Author of eight books… and counting)


This is an opportunity that will change your life forever


Take a tour of the Resort in Bali, the retreat location

Limited places availabe and the clock is ticking








Who will benefit from this retreat?

that’s easy


Let’s hear from people, just like you, who have turned their lives around by becoming authors in their own right. And the way they started was to take the first step.

John Maher

This is an opportunity that will change your life forever

Kelly Myles

Andrew is giving you an amazing opportunity

Lindsay Tighe

If you’re thinking about going to Bali, I have to say, go for it

But… It’s not about the book

I never wrote a book to be an author, I wrote a book to save my life.

What I discovered was it was never about the book, but about how I could make a difference in many lives, including my own.

It’s not about the book, it’s about…

You can do it…

If an ex-footballer, non reader & writer, time-poor and debt-ridden business owner, with no experience, background, or qualifications can write best-selling books and transform his life, then you can too!!

If these people can do it, so can you…

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The Program

I am so excited to develop this program for you to move forward in your aspirations to, not just be an author, but to create the life you want.

The aim of this program is not just to equip you as a successful author, but help you relax, renew, heal, and tap into your creative genius.

Below is the program content, and in addition to this you will be delighted with luxurious accommodation, tantilising and healthy chef-prepared food, indulgent spa treatments, renewing meditation & yoga, and many other wellness activities. This week will change your life…


You will be transferred, with the group, to the resort in Ubud to meet like-minded people, get connected and celebrate your arrival

Day Two

Time to focus on you, what you want, why you are here and how to remove the blockages to clear your path to abundance.

Day Three

The key to any successful endeavour is preparation. No matter what stage youy are at, preparing for success is critical and easy when you know how.

Day Four

A day for you to create, whether that be writing or creating a strategy, it is your day. One-on-one time with me will be available on this day.

Day Five

Understand the publishing options and choose the right one for your dream and vision, and find out how to make it work for you.

Day Six

The most important part of writing the book is learning how to leverage it into all the available opportunities to fulfil your vision.

Day Seven

Learn the tools and strategies to stay on track to make your vision a reality beyond the retreat when challenges appear.

The Guest Speakers

What an amazing team!

I am so grateful that these incredible people have agreed to come and share their wisdom, experiences and success with us all, to help in the journey to be a wildly successfully author, and beyond.

Susan Ryan

Susan Ryan is a Creative Intelligence Specialist who brings the unique lens of the artist to transform business leadership. She majored in sculpture as part of her Fine Arts degree and was fascinated by the artists’ creative process. She has translated this process into “The 7 States of Creative Intelligence Workshop,” which she facilitates for business leaders and teams. Susan has over 15 years experience as an executive coach and leadership facilitator.

Adam wallace

Adam Wallace is a New York Times bestselling author of over 100 books. After 150 rejections before deciding to self-publish his first book, he has gone on to do amazing things, and now is regularly receiving offers from publishing companies all around the world. He speacialise is Children’s books and says:

“My mission is to entertain and inspire millions of children around the world. And eat hot chips. But mostly the inspire children thing”.

Monica Rosenfeld

Monica Rosenfeld is one of Australia’s leading educators and speakers on the topic of communication and storytelling. She has worked in the media industry globally for over 25 years, and has helped thousands of people communicate their story, to an audience of millions. Monica is the communication whisperer behind authors, global corporations, government sectors, fast growth start-ups, and individuals who are creating positive change in the world.

The Resort

This is where the magic begins!

The Resort for the retreat has been chosen for its stunning surrounds, breathtaking beauty and facilities second to none.

We are creating the perfect environment for you to focus on your goal of becomming an author.

Leave your worries, your uncertainty and your doubts behind.

Business Facilities

Our business facilities include a hi-tech conference room, an extensive library, a variety of outdoor function areas for group activities and a private meeting room.


Bali is renowned for its relaxing massages and ancient healing remedies. No trip to the island is complete without a real Balinese massage. The spa at Vision Villa will relax your muscles and soothe your mind.


Chill out on our comfortable sun loungers before cooling off in our swimming pool. Smiling staff members are always ready to bring refreshing drinks, shady umbrellas and fluffy towels.

Space to create

All around the beautiful property are spaces for you to take yourself away to, be on your own, or with a like-minded partner and let the inspitration and creativity flow.


Get ready for a gastronomic journey and a delicious flow of healthy, energising, and healing chef-prepared meals and snacks to keep you focused and fabulous for your stay.

Like-Minded Association

There is nothing more empowering and inspiring than being in the presence of people with big dreams to do something great and who are on the same path as you are.

how do i take the next step?

There are limited places so don’t miss out.

To take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity you just need to make the decision that you are about to change your life forever.

Once paid, and as soon you arrive in Bali everything is covered from transfers, to accommodation, to food, to treatments, and of course, the program. You will treated like royalty for the entire retreat.

If you are ready to act, there are three options:

Option One – Book now and pay in full

If you have seen enough, heard enough, and are ready to go on this wonderful adventure, and want to save time and money, then why wait? Choose your accomodation option and BOOK NOW 

I AM AUTHOR BALI - Full payment

Option Two – Pay deposit to secure a spot

If you are not ready to full financially commit but would like to secure your spot, simply pay a deposit and someone from the team will be in touch to arrange a payment plan for you.

Option Three – More information, please.

If we have peaked your interest and you would like more information, please fill in the form below and you will be contacted by one of the wonderful I AM AUTHOR BALI team.

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