Greg Elliott’s journey has been fueled by an unyielding passion for unraveling the mysteries of human health and potential. Growing up in a very active and health-conscious family, the importance of being healthy was ingrained at an early age and was further developed by playing for high-performance programs in Canada and the US.  He wanted to know how to gain an edge over everyone else, so his nights and weekends were filled with educating himself of how to be bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter than his opponents. 

His formal training began at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he pursued a Master of Science in Exercise Science on a basketball scholarship. Those formative years weren’t just about the sport; they ignited his fascination with the intricate science behind human performance. Through rigorous research and exploration, he unearthed the potential of non-invasive technologies to peer into the heart’s complexities, a voyage that introduced me to the captivating realm of Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The unlikeliest of discoveries greeted him —HRV readings that transcended medical labels. Astonishingly,
individuals of utmost discipline and success mirrored patterns akin to those burdened with chronic ailments. This paradox set him on a profound quest: to redefine the very essence of “Health”.​ In his pursuit, he started to get a deeper understanding of human anatomy & physiology, applying this new skillset to clients. What was once an impassioned endeavor transformed into a beacon for professional growth, opening vistas of possibilities. This is a powerful and paradigm shifting conversation that will change your ideas around optimal wellbeing forever

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