Pavel Verbnyak is a passionate man. He was born in communist Soviet Union, under very strict and controlling rule, and he had a passionate desire to be free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that were a hangover from that time. Even though he was very young when the Iron Curtain came down, the Russian people were still very much conditioned with these limitations, and breaking free took strength courage and passion. 

Pavel was a young man when he decided he would not be bound by limits and set off on a life-changing journey to understand the secrets of success. He immersed himself in learning, understanding and applying what he learned. He has mentors with the immense caliber as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. He has taken what he learned and used it to help him transform his life. He now  speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development to crowds of more than 10,000 each year, including the executives and staff of many of the world’s largest corporations. His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

In this podcast we discuss many things, and have a great time. It’s interesting that the thing that has most set him up for the amazing success he now enjoys is very simple, and something we all can do. He calls it his hour of power, and it is simply the routine he has created in the morning. Please listen hard and pay attention to what he says, This is a powerful and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

To find out more about Pavel Click hereHis website is in Russian, but he can be found on social media from the site.

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