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Your body, bank or buddies don't care… If you're too busy!

Posted 9/7/2018

Strap yourself in this week, I have a message that I need to share with you, and, it may be uncomfortable to read. I’m actually writing it for myself, so it’s uncomfortable for me to read and to write! If you don’t want to face some truths right now, then maybe it isn’t the blog for you this week. If you have the courage to read it, I applaud you. Here it is; if you’re using, ‘I’m too busy,’ as an excuse to not focus on important things, you will regret it one day. 

Often the things we need to do to ultimately give us the long-term health, career, financial position, relationships, happiness and life, we say we want, are not always fun or comfortable. There are things far more enjoyable and comfortable to do that will move us away from what we, again, say we really want. The television is an electronic-income-reducer, yet has a powerful magnetic force on many people, including me. Processed and modified foods & drinks are having a devastating effect on many lives, so why do we keeping putting them into our body’s? Spending more money than we earn will clearly lead to a financial train-wreck, so why do so many people keep loading up their credit cards?

Why are we so distracted by the urgent things, when we honestly and knowingly compromise the things that are most important to us? Why do we treat our bodies as if they are replaceable? Why do we assume that if we neglect our important relationships, they will just be there forever anyway? Why would we think that financial stability will just magically happen when we spend irresponsibly? How do we think our book will get written, when aren’t willing to prioritise the time? How do we imagine our business will grow, our fitness will improve, or our dreams will come to fruition when we fill our lives with distractions that will never give us the life we want?

Honestly, if I hear, ‘I am too busy,’ one more time – even from myself – I think I may strangle someone. Really, too busy to look after your health? Honestly, too busy to look after your family? Seriously, too busy to make sure you have money to live on? Truthfully, too busy to get off the couch and do something productive? If being ‘too busy’ is the cause of your health issues, relationship issues, money issues and any other challenges and frustrations you have, then wouldn’t it be worth addressing?

‘Too busy’ may seem like a justifiable excuse for you, as it often has for me, but let’s be very very clear on this; your body, your bank account, your partner, your dreams, your friends and even your family don’t care if you’re too busy. They will deteriorate and break down regardless of your excuses and justifications.

Change it now before it’s too late…

I understand, I am being quite tough right now, but you and I both need to hear this. If you are seriously using ‘I’m too busy’ as a reason for not focusing on things that make a difference, I am onto you!  I know it’s just a smoke-screen, because I have used it for much of my life, and, I can tell you from bitter experience, it will end badly.  

For many years, I was the part-owner of a successful personal training business, that employed twenty-five trainers, and, I was doing between fifty and sixty personal training sessions a week. ‘Too busy’ was my most popular description, of myself and my life. It seemed to me like a legitimate and reasonable excuse to justify; not eating well, not thinking about income diversification and not spending enough time with my partner and my family. I can tell you, my body didn’t care I was too busy, it was just suffering from too much stress, work and not enough quality nutrition. I now know that my bank account was blissfully unaware I was too busy, and, consequently it ended up seriously in the red. My partner, at the time, and my family were not as impressed as I thought they should be, about my busyness. It was, however, the reason for the breakdown of a long-term relationship and the seriously impacted connection I had with my close family.

Do you think I’m unique? Can you recognise this trait in yourself? Has being ‘too busy’ already impacted your health, relationships, financial position and dreams? Do you think it will if you continue to wear ‘I’m too busy’ as a badge of honour? If you’re not sure, let me help you; the answer is YES! Again, I apologise for how this is going to come across. I don’t want to offend you, but, you really aren’t too busy for things that are important. If they are not being attended to by you, then, you simply haven’t yet placed them in a high enough on the priority list.

There are twenty-four hours in the day for me, you and everyone. No-one gets more time in the day than anyone else. So, if we are to look at the people who; are healthy, are financially strong, have great relationships and are achieving great things, they have just deliberately scheduled the time to attend to these important things, on a daily basis. It probably meant that certain things, they may like to do but don’t help them create what they want, are sacrificed.  

I don’t want to feel like I’m telling what I think you should do, so I’ll tell what I did to stop letting ‘I’m busy’ be the reason why my own life fell apart. There are three main reasons why I allowed myself to become ‘too busy’. #1 It’s what I saw my dad do, and thought it was normal. #2 It helped feed my ego and made me feel important. #3 It was what was required, as my personal training income required that, to continue earning I had to work the hours. So, firstly I realised that just because my dad worked so hard, I didn’t have to. I could learn to work smarter. Secondly, if my ego was going to put me in an early and lonely grave, I was ready to let it go. Thirdly, I knew there was a better way to earn income, and not have to be there every second.

I made a list of my priorities in my life and I focused on those. I turned off the television, I spent less time on social media, I went out less and delegated or eliminated less important tasks. It was amazing how much time that opened up to me. With extra time, I devoted it to my priorities and incredibly, since that time, I have more time, more money, better health and stronger relationships.

I know I have been a little in your face this week. If you have got to this point in the blog, then I applaud your courage and resilience. It means, you are either already prioritising the right things and have overcome the ‘I’m too busy’ curse, or, you want to change. If it’s the latter, I want to encourage to pay attention and remember that your body, bank or buddies don’t care if you’re too busy.