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You only need to... Believe in the next step!

Posted 8/25/2018

With any reality-based goal or aspiration, there are only two possible outcomes. Can you guess what they are? The first potential outcome is the successful achievement of the goal. The second, and only other option, is to give up trying. You may have expected me to say failure, but in my mind, there is no such thing as failure, unless you give up, that is. It may be difficult, it may seem hopeless and it may take patience, persistence and discomfort, but, it is possible if you keep going. There are many examples of this kind of success. In my experience, what stops people is not ability, capacity or knowledge. What stops people is a lack of belief in themselves achieving a successful outcome, hence, they either never start or give up trying.

Let’s face it, the thought of what it takes to run a marathon, write a book, regain significantly devastated health, raise a child, make a million dollars, climb a mountain or any other aspiration can seem overwhelming and out of reach. It’s understandable that some many people give up, or never even start. I’ve done it before, you? Last week I spoke about my goal to learn the Italian language. When I was driving to my first class, I was terrified, as it seemed like such a daunting and intimidating task. I almost turned my car around and went home again, but gratefully I didn’t. Now, after six weeks of classes, I have realised one thing; learning Italian happens one word at a time. I certainly had trouble believing I could speak the language fluently – and still do, by the way – but, I absolutely believe I can learn the next word… and the next, and the next. Hmm, interesting.

I made a crazy and illogical decision to write a book over fifteen years ago now. Crazy and illogical because I was working over 100 hours and seven days per week. Crazy and illogical because I wasn’t a reader or a writer. Crazy and illogical because I had none of what most would consider adequate qualifications to be a successful author. As I made the decision and I thought about what a book is, I scared myself. A book is many tens of thousands of words, how could I possibly do that when I had two businesses and was working ridiculous hours? It was intimidating, and I have to be honest, I almost didn’t even get started in the first place.

The thought of writing fifty thousand words was not one, at the time, I could get my head around. So, I didn’t really believe that I could write a whole book, but I did believe I could write for 15-20 minutes, which was the only amount of time I could commit to on a daily basis. The first day I did my short block of writing, I wrote around 400 words, it was easy. Now, there is a large difference between 400 and 50,000 that’s for sure, but I could believe in my ability to write 300-500 words per day. I didn’t believe in the big goal immediately, but I absolutely believed in the next step of writing 300-500 words. It began as a big hairy audacious goal, but I simply took it one day, one step and one block of 15-20 mins each day.

With each step, achieving in the end result becomes more believable.

Andrew Jobling an author? What a crazy concept! Even today, I pinch myself to make sure it’s not just a dream. I still don’t know why I even started on what seemed like such an unachievable quest. Actually, I do know, I wanted a different life, and, I wanted to change lives. Whilst, in the beginning, I didn’t really believe that I could write a whole book, with each day of simply focussing on the next step and the small amount of words I would write, I began to believe in the achievement more and more. With each step I got closer. With each step I improved. With each step I gained more confidence. With each step I could actually see and believe that I would hold that published book in my hands. It happened, and I can tell you now, with my seventh book soon to be published, I believe totally in my ability to write a best-selling book.

Okay, enough about me. What have you already talked yourself out of, or are in the process of talking yourself out of? What are you having trouble believing you can achieve? If you are standing at the starting point, looking at the top of the mountain you want to reach, it will probably seem unattainable. So, why not just look at a spot, that isn’t so scary, you can get to easily? Just get yourself to that first checkpoint and then you will find it easier to believe you can get to the next one, then the next and then the next.

If you are facing a serious health concern, getting back to optimal wellbeing may seem like an unassailable mountain that you are having difficulty believing you can reach. I bet, however, you could believe in the first step. Could you make an appointment to see a wellness professional to get a plan happening? Easy. Could you decide to make some simple changes like; eating a healthy breakfast, drinking an extra glass of water today and/or going for a walk? You bet you could. I was at a wellness event on Thursday evening and a girl was introduced who had relocated 54kg, and, was aiming to offload another 15-25. She said, at the beginning of her journey she didn’t believe she could do it, but with the support of some great people, she was able to believe in getting started, in the next step and in each day. Now, as you can imagine, she is unstoppable.

There are many people who declare they will be millionaires, yet only a very small percentage of people actually achieve it. Why? For most, the thought of that amount of money seems so unachievable and intimidating that they never get started. The millionaires in the world will tell you that they had patience, determination and simply focused on the next step. They gave their attention to win each day by; saving some money, creating a little extra, looking for opportunities, learning and developing a sound strategy. They may not have believed that they could achieve their big goal, but they definitely believed in the next step.

What is your dream? Create the body, write the book, run the marathon, climb the mountain, make the team, get the grade, make the money, build the business, get the boy or girl and/or live the life of joy and abundance? No matter what it is and no matter how unlikely or hard to believe it may seem, it’s just a one-step-at-a-time process. You don’t have to believe in your ability to achieve the goal, you just need to believe in and get excited by the next step.

I am here to tell you that you are amazing, incredible and capable of achieving great things. You may or may not believe me, and, that’s okay. But, if you can just create a vision for what you want and then just focus on getting started, then anything is possible. With each step you take in the right direction, you will see more, believe more and, over time, you will have impenetrable belief that you can achieve your greatest desire. All you have to do to begin is… just believe in the next step.