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Start saying & believing... I am enough!

Posted 4/20/2019

I’m about to share something with you that may change your life forever, if you take notice and apply it. Yes, that’s a big statement, but I have some big guns to back it up with. Let’s face it, all of us struggle in certain areas of life. Some people have trouble with keeping their health and weight where they’d like it to be. Some people have trouble staying in relationships. Some people never have enough money. Some people are struggling to be happy, and are always looking for more. Do you know anyone like that?

Of course you do… you and me! My beautiful wife Laura shared something with me at the start of the week that has had a profound impact on my life. I don’t know whether to hug her or slap her as a result of it and what has been consequently stirred up! I actually do know, she deserves a big and loving hug, even though I have been significantly challenged this week as a result of this new awareness. I have had things bubble up to the surface that have been deeply hidden and holding me back for many years. I’m prepared for a bit of rocky ride, with the faith of the smooth sailing that will come once the stormy seas have been negotiated.

I know I’m being a little cryptic and cliched at the moment, but it will shortly become very clear. I am just resisting a little, because I know the transparency I’m about to reveal will be evidence that I am just as flawed a human being as everyone else on the planet. Laura has come across a lady named Marissa Peer, hypnotherapist, who is changing lives all over the world with the simplicity and accuracy of her message. On Monday night Laura watched and did a hypnosis with Marissa on video, and then afterwards suggested I watch it. I was a little hesitant and sceptical, but decided to give it a go. I started watching, and, was soon mesmerised with the power and straightforwardness of her message.

It was this; every issue we are facing, everything we are struggling with and every frustration we are experiencing is the result of a belief that we aren’t enough. We believe we aren’t; good enough, smart enough, talented enough, strong enough, disciplined enough, healthy enough, loving enough, good looking enough, fit enough, lean enough or any other ‘not enough’ you can think of, or, are currently experiencing. She explained how it is this belief which causes us to overcompensate and/or regularly sabotage ourselves. She used many examples to make her very compelling point. She explained that people who continually work to acquire more material possessions have a belief that they aren’t enough, so they keep buying more to fill an unfillable void. She talked about hoarders trying to fill very space in their homes to compensate for them feeling like they are not enough. People who over train, or, over eat are just playing out the physical manifestation of this belief that they aren’t enough.

I am enough!

I readily related to and agreed with everything that Marissa spoke about, and, was intrigued and excited about the ease of the solution. As I reflected on my own life, and, the thought and habit patterns that have plagued me for much of my life, I can readily identify this belief, that I am not enough! I’ve spoken about my mother’s journey in my book, Dance Until It Rains, and her feeling from a young age that she felt like she wasn’t enough to receive unconditional love from her parents. That belief haunted much of her life and caused her to think certain ways and do certain things that helped her, momentarily, feel that she was enough. It was, however, these thoughts, emotions and actions that I believe were a large part of the reason for her journey and the ultimate passing from cancer. I just wish she had believed, earlier in her life, that she was enough.

I think I may have inherited some of the insecurities my mother grew up with and carried with her into marriage and motherhood. Now, don’t get me wrong, in no way am I blaming my beautiful mother for my issues, but it’s important to see where the feelings and beliefs started. As a young, middle child, I was always after attention. The question is why? I’m sure it’s because I believed that I wasn’t enough, and so needed constant reassurance from others. When at the age of 24, I was sacked from the St Kilda Football Club, which further reinforced the feeling that I wasn’t good enough. I know this belief has impacted my life and my behaviors in many ways, and, is the reason why I aren’t further ahead in my life today.

I was a classic over-trainer, and, I became so very body conscious that I went to extreme means to look physically amazing, and, gain the attention and recognition of others. Why? I felt I wasn’t enough. I became a workaholic and spent many hours working in one, then two businesses, eventually failing miserably and compromising my health, relationships and financial position. Why? I felt I wasn’t enough and thought being so busy would fill that void. By the way it didn’t, it just created a chasm. I know, even now, there are ways this belief is still impacting different areas of my life. What about you? Can you see how this feeling, of not being enough, is affecting your health, relationships, business, financial position or any other area of your life?

If so, you will be as relieved as I was when I heard the solution from Marissa. She said, simply, start telling yourself that, “I am enough!” She said, put the words, I AM ENOUGH, on your mirror in the bathroom, in your car, in your office, on your fridge, as your screen-saver, in your diary and set notifications to remind you. She then said, tell yourself, out aloud, multiple times every day that, “I am enough!” So, I did! I put it on my mirror, in my diary, in my office, on my phone and in my car. Every day, when I take the dog for a walk, all the way around I repeat to myself that, “I am enough!” Let me tell you, in just one week, things are definitely shifting.

Things that have been buried are starting to come to the surface to see the light of day, and, I am dealing with them. The ‘dealing with them’ thing is not as easy. In fact it is very confronting and not comfortable at all, but I know it is helping. I can feel this shifting in many areas of my life and I know it’s because I am now starting to challenge the belief that I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, not credible enough, not attractive enough and any other ‘nough that haunted me for so long. I am enough, and, so are you!

This is life-changing stuff and so I want to ask you; if you stopped and thought about the things that are not going as you would like them to be going, and, removing all blame from other people and circumstances, is the belief that you’re not enough an issue? If so, are you ready to change it? If so, would you be willing to saturate your home, your mind, your thoughts and your words with the statement that, I AM ENOUGH? This needs to be done patiently, consistently and on a daily basis for it to work. If you can find any video material on Marissa Peer, do it, but most of all I want you to know, with all your heart, that, you are enough!