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A new decade, a new chance for... Spontaneous Action!

Posted 1/11/2020

Nothing moves, if nothing moves. Nothing happens, if nothing happens. Nothing works, if nothing works. These are three statements that are blindingly obvious, yet, I know far too many people who try to affirm themselves, think themselves and feel themselves to magical success in life, without taking the hardest of all steps; the first. We are getting sold the wrong information about success from many people who are profiting from an all too common human characteristic, that is; wanting success without the work. We have just entered, not just a new year, a new decade, and what a wonderful opportunity to change the way we do and have done things for the last decade, if we need to. I have to tell you, up front, what I’m sure you already know, and that is; nothing will happen in your life, if you don’t take action.

We have been irresponsibly sold the ‘law of attraction’ as the magical answer to all of our dreams. In fact, a popular docu-movie, which shall remain nameless, was released in 2006 and perpetuated, I believe, a very misleading and dangerous message. It took the concept of the law of attraction and stated; you will attract into your life anything that you give attention and focus to. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in the law of attraction, but the magic is not just in thinking, focussing and paying attention to what you want into your life.

In the movie, it talked about the power of affirmation. One example stated that, if you just affirm each day that; ‘Unexpected checks arrive in the mail,’ then money would magically appear in your mailbox, even, as you sit on your couch watching TV, doing nothing but chanting this miraculous affirmation. Again, don’t get me wrong, I believe in, practice and teach daily affirmation, however, affirmation that is not accompanied by action is like trying to drive an amazing car with no petrol. Make no mistake about it, the magic is in focussed action. All the positive thoughts and powerfully positive emotions will help you feel happy and peaceful, but won’t help you live your optimal life, unless they are accompanied by directed, purposeful, and, immediate action. I am not talking about considered action, I am not referring to planned and perfectly executed action and I am not even talking about logical action. I am talking about spontaneous and instantaneous action. Yes, that means now!

I am lucky enough to have a character trait that leads me into action spontaneously, without over analysing it. Too many people spend too much time in their own head; thinking about, planning, weighing up the pros and cons, talking themselves in and then back out of taking immediate action. Can you relate to this? If you can, what I am about to suggest is going to be confronting and uncomfortable for you. In 2020 and beyond, I am going to suggest that you stop thinking, stop analysing, stop debating, and, start acting… NOW!

From head to heart and then to action!

Many people have the challenge of over-analysis. Our brain is an amazing organ, allowing us to come up with wonderful ideas and solve seemingly insurmountable problems. Staying in your head too long, however, is a fatal error. The longer in your head, the more you will come up with all the reasons why; it’s too hard, it needs too much time, you’re not good enough and blah, blah, blah! My suggestion is; when the idea comes into your head, move it quickly to your heart, then my friend, go with that powerfully positive feeling and take immediate and spontaneous action.

But what I if I stuff up, make a mistake or choose the wrong direction? I hear you asking. Great question. The answer is; you will at times, so embrace it, learn from it and then take the next step. My life, to this point, is littered with spontaneous actions that led to glorious stuff-ups and wonderful lessons that have shaped who I am and helped me get to where I wanted to be, right here. Don’t be afraid of acting and getting it wrong, be far more afraid of never acting at all. Thomas Edison, when asked how it felt to fail over 10,000 times in his attempt to invent the electric light bulb answered, “I have not failed once, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

During my recent trip to the USA, I was speaking to a group in San Francisco about finding meaning and living on purpose. There was a young lady, Megan, who openly spoke about her growing feeling of dissatisfaction with her current job. She wanted to make a change and start chasing something more fulfilling and meaningful for her, but she was terrified of taking the risk and getting it wrong. I talked to her about stepping out in faith. Her main fear was taking action without really knowing the way to go, so I told her the story about the father and his young son on a plane trip.

One evening, a father was taking his young son on a plane for the first time to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. The young boy was a little nervous as the plane taxied to take-off, but seemed to relax after the plane lifted off, moved through the clouds and was cruising at its desired altitude. It was night, so there was not much to see out the window and soon the boy was bored. At one moment, he got a quizzical look on his face, and asked his father; “Dad, how can the pilot see at night?”

“There are headlights on the plane, so the pilot can see.” His father replied. This seemed to satisfy the boy for a while, until he asked; “Dad, how far do the headlights shine?”  Now the father was getting a little concerned as to where this conversation was heading, but answered, “About 200m (300yds).” The boy considered this answer, then asked, “How far is from Melbourne to Sydney?” The father, starting to squirm in his seat a little, responded; “It’s 1000km (600miles) to Sydney.”

The father watched the little boy's face, as his brain was trying to do the calculation. So, the father was expecting the next question the boy asked, which was, “Dad, if it’s 1000km to Sydney, and the headlights only reach 200m, what happens when the plane gets to the end of the 200m, and, how can the pilot see all the way to Sydney?” The father looked at his concerned little boy, and said, “It’s okay son, when the plane gets to the end of 200m, the headlights will shine another 200m ahead. Every 200m we travel, the lights will keep shining another 200m further on.”

Relating this story back to Megan at the recent USA event I spoke at, I just encouraged her to take the first step, even though she wasn’t one hundred percent clear on where she was going. She could not see the whole journey, but I explained to her that with each spontaneous step she takes, the path will open itself up to her. Whatever your goal this year, I encourage you to take that first spontaneous action and enjoy the amazing things that will come to you in 2020.