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Don't believe your words... Believe only your actions!

Posted 9/22/2018

Have you ever said that you were going to do something and then not done it? Me too. Has anyone ever said to you that they were going to do something they didn’t ever do? Me too. Have you noticed that some people are really convincing when they speak? So believable that you are sure they will follow-through and do what they have proclaimed? Saying that you are going to do something is actually really easy, doing it… not so. This blog is not about me, nor is it about other people. This week I want to encourage you to do an honest reality check, and, ask if you believe the stories you are selling yourself, or, actually following through with the actions to back them up. 

I was recently listening to an inspiring audio about the story of a successful man named Mike. He explained how his initial attempt in business had failed miserably and so had given up, but vowed that one day he would try again, and, be successful. Every week he would declare to his wife, ‘One day, I’m going to do it and we are going to be rich and free. Just you wait and see.’ After while of hearing the same proclamation over and over again, his wife would listen, roll her eyes and say, ‘Yes dear, I’m sure you will.’

This man was the tennis pro at the largest tennis club in California, and often frequented a café that was nearby. One day while at the café, a friend pointed out a man to Mike who was a very successful businessman. Mike then declared that one day he would introduce himself to this man and ask for some coaching to help him be successful. The weeks and months went by and Mike did nothing but talk about what he was going to do. It got to the point when his wife had had enough.

One Sunday morning, between Mike's tennis coaching clients, they were at the same café having breakfast together. Coincidentally, at the same time, the very successful businessman and his wife were in the café, also having breakfast. Mike launched into the regular declaration to his wife, ‘One day I am going to approach that man, get his help and I am going to build a business that…’ Mike’s wife held her hand up in his face, and stopped him from saying any more. She then glared into his eyes and said, ‘Mike. I wish you would do that or just shut-up about it!’

Stunned and silenced, Mike thought to himself, ‘She’s right. I hate it that she’s right!’ With that, and without any further talk, he got up, walked over to the table where the successful couple was sitting. Despite the fact he was shaking in his tennis shoes, he introduced himself and asked if they would be willing to coach him to create the same success they had enjoyed. They said yes and two and a half years later, Mike had finally done what he said he would do. He had developed a substantial business asset, was retired from tennis coaching and was financially free.

Be careful or you will actually believe your words

This next statement is ridiculously obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway; it was not his words that created the financial success he now enjoys, it was the actions he took on a consistent basis that made it happen. Der!! Mike just needed his wife to challenge him. Why? Because, after all the time of declaring his intention, he started to believe that ‘one-day’ he would do it. The problem is that ‘one-day’ never comes. If his wife hadn’t got in his face and given him the ultimatum, he may never have stopped thinking, stopped talking and taken positive action.

Are you ready for me to get a little in your face now? Just a little? If it makes you feel any better, you should know that, as I am writing my blogs, there is one person I always direct them to. It’s actually not you, it’s the person typing these words right now! Here it is… if your words and intentions are not being followed up with determined, consistent and, sometimes, uncomfortable actions, then you are lying to yourself. This is where you need to be really careful, because the more you tell yourself your story, the more you will believe your words and the more you will be stuck, exactly where you don’t want to be.

I’m going to share with you some words that I have used and have heard other use that I think you need to be very aware of. If you catch yourself saying any of the following, then it is a massive RED FLAG, and I would challenge you to do something about it. Do you say, or have you ever said;

‘I’ll get around to it when I get time’?

‘I really want to make that happen, but….’?

‘I really need to understand everything before I can get started’?

‘I am going to do it. I really am. I know I can. I will get started really soon’?

‘My health really is important to me, and as soon I finish this burger, fries and coke, I’m going to deal with it’?

‘As soon as I finish this current project, I will have time to find time for my family’?   

I could go on and on with many things I have said and heard that never led to action, but that will just make all of us feel guilty. Why? Because we are all guilty of it, right? So, let’s talk solutions instead. I believe the main reason we don’t take action is the result of fear. In Mike’s story, he freely admitted that, whilst wanting the result of a successful business, he was terrified that it wouldn’t work for him. Do you relate to that? I certainly do. So, let’s deal with fear, shall we? Just acknowledge and agree that you will be scared of trying something new or doing something that will set you apart from the pack. Therefore, if fear is part of the process, then when you feel it don’t be discouraged, be excited. It means you are right on track.

Fear means you are ready to get started. If you didn’t feel fear, it wouldn’t be important to you. You know what the cure for fear is, don’t you? Yep, action! Not even massive action, just one simple step. I wrote in a blog a few weeks ago called, ‘You only need to believe in the next step.’ Just take one step. Just do one little thing. Just shut your mouth and move your body into action. Action is the only thing that will get you the life you want. Benjamin Franklin said, ‘words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.’ Show who you truly are, and what you’re truly capable of. Don’t believe your words, believe only your actions.