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Be careful or you'll... be 'too healthy'!

Posted 10/3/2018

I was at church on Sunday, feeling very inspired after a great message from our pastor, when I went into the coffee room to have herbal tea and a healthy snack. Now, not all the snacks are healthy, but there are a few which are great for me. As I was waiting at the counter to get my tea and my carrots, celery and dip snack, there was a man behind me. I didn’t see him, I just heard him, and, what I heard has inspired this week’s blog.

He obviously only saw the platter of celery, carrot sticks and dip, and said, ‘Oh no, that’s too healthy.’ He hadn’t yet seen the regular plates of cakes, biscuits and pastries. Next, I heard a massive sigh of relief, as he’d obviously just seen the dessert plates, and he said, ‘Thanks goodness. That’s better, some real food.’ I was intrigued, and I couldn’t help myself, so I turned around to look at this man. I had never seen him in church before. Not surprisingly, he was overweight, had a red nose and clearly didn’t seem to think his health was a massive priority.

Before I say anymore, I know I may come across judgmentally, so before I dig myself in any deeper, I want to make it clear that I’m really not being judgmental of this man. What he chooses to put in his body is his choice, I’m just fascinated by his attitude which, by the way, is tragically not an uncommon outlook. He was worried that the food was ‘too healthy’… really? What is ‘too healthy’? What’s bad about being ‘too healthy’? Isn’t being ‘too healthy’ something we want for ourselves and our family? We’re not talking about the consumption of alcohol, pizza, lollies and soft drink, where you can definitely have too much. We are talking about your health and well-being and, effectively, everything that’s important to you. I think being ‘too healthy’ should be the goal.

I know it wasn’t you who made this intriguing statement, however, I would like to make something really clear right now in the hope that it may help you, and even filter back to the man at church. When you think about the most important pillars in your life, would they include any or all of; your family, your partner, your children and grandchildren, your career, your financial situation, your faith, your hobbies and your freedom? There may be other things for you that would also be included. I spoke to one guy recently who said his motorbike was in his top five most important things.

Is anything, seemingly obvious, missing? Is health and well-being missing, because I certainly didn’t list it? No, it’s not missing, because it’s not one of the pillars. If it were, we would be making better choices. What many people fail to realise is that health and well-being is not a pillar, but the foundation that all of the most important things stand on.

Build a strong foundation or watch it all crumble

I want you to process what I’m about to say very carefully and work out how strong the foundation, holding up the things most important to you, really is. Think about your number one value in life. Is it to be a great parent? Imagine how good that will look and the amazing example you will set for your children and future generations if you have a strong well-being foundation. On the other hand, what will happen if you let your foundation weaken?

Is your number one pillar your freedom? I’m talking about freedom financially, freedom to choose what you do and who you do it with? Imagine how amazing your freedom will be with a rock solid and impenetrable well-being foundation. An exciting thought isn’t it? In contrast, how will your freedom be impacted if you let cracks appear in your foundation? Do you want significance and to make a difference in this world? I know I do. How amazing will it be, and what could you achieve when you have energy to burn and optimal well-being? On the flip side, how can you help others if you let the structural integrity of your foundation suffer?

Let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, what will happen to those pillars that are so important to you, if you allow your well-being foundation to weaken, erode and crumble. Your life, your family, your career, your finances, your significance, your lifestyle, your social life, your hobbies, your faith, and anything else you hold dear, will be reduced to a broken, irreparable and irreplaceable pile of rubble. Is that what you really want? Of course not. So, my question is; what’s wrong with being ‘too healthy’?

It is with my most heart-felt plea that I encourage you to start now to make being ‘too healthy’ a goal, not something to avoid and ridicule. I’ve been laughed at and teased for much of my life because of my focus on being ‘too healthy’. I can tell you the laughing stops when health is permanently lost. So, to avoid the rubble and to allow your pillars to stand strong on an unbreakable foundation, please do some very simple things. Would you be open to that? Could I offer you seven straightforward foundational daily steps to start implementing to your life, if you haven’t already? They are; focus on a positive mindset, move your body, eat a healthy breakfast within fifteen minutes of getting up, eat a balance of whole foods, snack every 60-90 minutes, drink lots of pure water and take some plant-based supplements to fill any nutritional gaps.

Pretty simple stuff, right? I’ve run out of time and space to go into more detail, but you know what to do anyway, right? Stay tuned for my new book, The Wellness Puzzle. It is my plea to you that you understand that nothing works unless you have a strong well-being foundation, so why not go ahead and make the decision to be ‘too healthy’!