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Allow yourself to be... Divinely guided!

Posted 11/20/2018

One of the things I am most proud of about Laura and I, on this Italian adventure, is our decision to let go of the need for firm plans, advance bookings and a strict itinerary. It got close for us as we left Cinque Terre to head to Turin and in fact, it wasn’t until 5pm on the day that we finally found accommodation for that evening. That one was a bit close for comfort, but we had faith that we would find a place, and, we did. We are on a mission this trip, and that is to find the place in Italy we want to live. We have decided that, as Italy has so many amazing places we can’t possibly see in six weeks, we need to rely on a power greater than anything else. We have chosen to rely on divine guidance, and so far, it’s done the job perfectly for us.

After four weeks of fun, travel, adventure and the regulation challenges, Laura’s parents left to return to Melbourne. We took them to the airport, to make sure they actually got on the plane!! Only kidding, it was really sad to see them go as we had created some amazing lifelong memories with them over the previous few weeks. It was, however, time for Laura and me to continue the pursuit of our dream to find the place we want to live.

Now keep in mind, it was a Monday night and we were leaving Rome the next day and had no idea where we were going. For some reason we were not stressed, instead we were calm, relaxed and certain that the right answers would come. We were staying at an Airbnb home and the owner, Flavia, seemed to know a fair bit about Italy. So, when we got back from dropping off Paul & Teresa at the airport, we invited her in for a coffee and to ask for some advice. We mentioned we were thinking of visiting a place called Bari that I had seen on the internet. She suggested it may not be the best choice, but a place called Lecce and another called Matera would be a better choice. So, we just went with her advice.

It was about 9pm on Monday night when we finally found and booked a place in Lecce, which was a six hour drive from Rome. This really was a leap of faith, as we hadn’t planned to drive quite so far, but it came with a strong recommendation from Flavia. Even though it was a long drive, even though it was not a place we had planned to visit and even though we had no idea what was in store for us, we were excited for this next unknown leg of the journey.

It was a long drive, and when we finally arrived in Lecce, it was late, I was tired of driving and I just wanted to get to our place. ‘Siri’, on my iPhone, had done an amazing job directing us until we got about 300m from our hotel. She insisted we drive through the historic part of the town that would not allow cars. No matter where we went to try and find another way, she would always bring us back to this same place. We were seemingly trapped, with no way through. Finally, Laura found someone to direct us, we made it through and we were at our new home for the next three days.

God comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable!

As I started writing this blog, Laura showed me a quote that she found on Facebook, by a guy named Shane Claiborne. I had never heard of him, but the quote, which is above, was the one I was thinking about as I was formulating this blog in my head. God comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable, is absolutely true for me. I’m not going into details here, but God was there to comfort me, and still does, when I was seriously disturbed. He is here again right now to disturb me from falling into a comfort zone that would prevent me from finding exactly what I’m looking for.

If you are not a believer, don’t have a relationship with God or any other type of faith, I want to encourage you right now, at the risk of losing you, to find faith in something that you can believe will guide you in the right direction. Whether that direction be comfortable, where you think you want to go, or not. That faith may be in God, the universe, intuition, karma, the law of attraction or anything that takes ultimate power from you and places it in something you are willing to just believe will lead you the right way.

I can tell you; driving to a town I had never been, or heard of, for six hours on the side of the road that is not natural to me, then be unable to get to our hotel with no idea of what we would find when we got there, was uncomfortable. I was disturbed, there is no doubt about it. We drove through very narrow roads in the dark until we finally found our hotel. ‘Why are we here?’ I thought to myself. Then we opened the door to our hotel, and I knew.                                                                                                                                         

We walked into the room, and it was amazing. It’s hard to describe, but the best we can come up with is a modern and luxury baroque-style cave. The town of Lecce is historical, and I mean historical, and, we were right in the most historical centre of the town. It is many thousands of years old, is baroque-style, but preserved and maintained so that, as you walk down the cobblestone streets, you can actually feel the historical energy all around. It was truly magical. After we unpacked and went for our first walk around the town, we knew we were meant to be there and that a power far greater than us had lead us here. Thank you God!

We stayed three nights and with each hour of our visit, we felt more and more connected to and at home in this town. Is it somewhere we would live? Maybe, but regardless, we were meant to be there. We connected with the beautiful architecture, the amazing people and the incredible food. We found one restaurant that we ate at all three nights we were there. The food was authentic Italian and delicious, the place was traditional Italian and the staff there were as hospitable as they come. We loved our visit to Lecce, will remember it always and we knew, more than anything, that we were divinely guided to be there.

If you have got this far into the blog, I’m glad I haven’t bored you or scared you. Maybe you were divinely guided to keep reading! I actually believe that. If you are still reading, just know I want to help you find a way to disrupt your comfort zone. People say they hear voices that lead them. To be honest, I have never heard any voices, other than my own. I do, however, have a strong feeling that I should do things that are not comfortable. Whether you are aware of it or not, so do you. That is intuition, divine guidance, the universe or whatever you want to call it. Why not listen to it and, as uncomfortable as it may be, follow it?

When I chose to become a Christian, it was honestly because I naively thought that if having a faith in God could help me in my life, then why not just believe it. So, I did and it has! This week, would you be willing to give it a try? Why just allow yourself to be divinely lead and see where it takes you?