Kari Brownsberger spent 15 years in the tech industry before leaping into her true passion of health & wellness.

She had a successful career climbing the ladder, working in communications, marketing, customer success, and executive management. She supported Fortune 500 clients and saw several startups through investment and exit. 

But all the while, her own personal health and wellness suffered for the sake of her career. Over those years she spent time, energy, and money on programs and fads, trying every diet and workout possible, chronically stressed and gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. 

In 2020 she decided to address the root of these issues once and for all, desperately wanting to finally feel at home in her own body and get out of the yo-yo cycle. She created a healthy version of herself and after doing this work herself she knew she learned invaluable lessons that could help free others from this same situation. 

She achieved certifications as a nutrition and fitness coach and took the leap into entrepreneurship, starting her own private coaching business. It is now her life’s work to help others find freedom and confidence from their own wellness journeys.

This is a wonderful conversation, that will inspire you, move you, and entertain you. Please enjoy.

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