Ryan Peebles was ashamed, embarrassed, and angry. He had done everything to take care of his back, and yet he was broken. His back problems cast a shadow over his life for a decade. That time was painful, but it was also a journey of growth, where he developed an ever-evolving, deepening understanding of the body, which he will shares in this podcast.

It all started when lower back pain side-lined Ryan from playing basketball as a junior in high school. He couldn’t lift weights anymore. And he couldn’t pursue his passion of surfing because he felt nerve damage every time he went. He had one chiropractor tell him, after looking at his x-ray, that he would be in a wheelchair by the time he was 30. That severely affected his psyche, so his mind, emotions and back was really messed up after that, and I felt hopeless.

One day in 2010, he was curled up on my bedroom floor dwelling on his pain. It was his usual spot, but this time was different. Not only did he have his normal lower back pain, but both my knees hurt too. He also had neck pain, and could feel that his jaw was jutting forward, and his bite was even messed up! In that moment he knew… he would either have to accept his wheelchair-bound fate, or take responsibility in his own hands and become his own healer. So when he was 24 years old, he committed his life to healing his back.

In the following years he became obsessed with research, consuming countless books and articles online. Eventually, he identified muscle imbalances as the cause of his back problem. This whole body concept resonated with him. It connected the dots and gave him an explanation for many of his body problems. It was a way to look at chronic injuries from a full body perspective. By continually adapting his personal routine as he learned, he found a process that gets to the “core” of the problem. Piece-by-piece, and day-by-day he created this unique program that teaches people how to retrain their body for healthy movement, and get out of pain for good. 

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