Pablo Miller is the pride of Karratha, Western Australia. He is the host of the morning show, ‘Pablo for Breakfast’ on Triple M, and is a celebrity of the town.  After many years of travel and experiencing what the world has to offer, he settled down to a career in the media over 10 years ago. A job offer in radio moved him from Melbourne to Karratha at that time. Little did he know that, within weeks of arriving, he would meet his wife-to-be, fall in love with her and fall in love with the town of Karratha.

Pablo is having a powerfully positive effect on and in that community. In fact, he is currently he is on the campaign trail, as he is running for Mayor of Karratha. One of the things I love about Pablo is his desire to squeeze the most out of life, make a difference in people’s lives, and have a crack at the exciting opportunities that come his way. Most people would balk at running for office and talk themselves out if it. Pablo has the attitude of, why not just give it a go and see what happens.

His mission is to help the community become more connected. In this podcast we discuss the three C’s that he believes will most effectively help the people of Karratha, and consequently the community. You will need to list all the way through to find out what the three C’s are, and why it would be good for you to incorporate them in your own life. Don’t miss this wonderful conversation with Pablo Miller.

Follow Pablo on his journey to Mayor here.