Deborah Stathis was a normal, happy and optimistic 19-year-old, when the car she was driving hit a slippery part of the highway, slid out of control and wrapped itself around a telegraph pole, crushing her on the inside. There were no airbags in the car, so Deb sustained life-altering injuries to her face, her eyes and her brain. Medical professionals stated that she would never be the same and would be affected, physically and mentally, for the rest of her life. Deb did not accept that diagnosis.

The definining  moment came for Deb whilst alone in her room in the rehab centre. She decided to look at the thing she had been protected from for many weeks… her face. She looked at the devastating injuries, she cried and she said to herself,  “You’re here now, what are you going to do?” What she did will amaze and inspire you as she went on to transform and reconstruct her face, her body and her life.

It was the fear she experienced when she thought about a permanently affected life that enabled her to harness the power of a relentless determination that moved her into positive action. This emotion and action continued until she had beaten every medical odd and recreated the Deborah Stathis she wanted to be. Having proved opportunities can be created from tragedy, Deborah shares how, by harnessing the power of emotion, anything is possible. Trust me when I say, this is a podcast and a conversation that will change your life.

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