Tammy Van Wisse is one of the most amazing people you will ever listen to. Having swam over 65000 km’s as a world record breaking ocean marathon swimmer, she knows what it takes to go the distance. When I was a personal trainer, she was a client of mine, and I can remember the day, almost twenty years ago, when she came in to train with me at 9am in the morning, after just swimming 20km in the open water. When I said to her, “That is amazing Tammy”. Her response was, “Not really, it’s just what I do”.  

She has swam the Cook Strait, the Bass Strait, Loch Ness, the English Channel, the length of the Murray River and New York to New Jersey, just to name a few. She has overcome 2-3m swells, freezing conditions, hyperthermia, fear of sharks, sewerage plants and many other things to achieve her incredible success. She has a day named after her in New Jersey, USA, she has won lifesaver of the Year & more than 150 Victorian State Lifesaving Titles and she is the Australian Geographic “Adventurer of the Year. She is one extraordinary human being.

In this conversation you will discover how down to earth she really is and how beautifully she distils success down into very simple and manageable steps, so that anyone, irrespective of their situation and circumstances can go the distance and achieve great things in their life. This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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