Kate Watson and Sheree Elliott are passionate about helping, supporting, serving, encouraging, empowering, and providing a friendly and welcoming space for many homeless and marginalised people in Melbourne, through the charity Pentecost Care. The most recent statistics suggest that more than 120,000 Australians will not have a home to go to tonight, and that number is growing. We can all do something to help, and that is what this conversation is about.

Kate is the director of the charity. Sheree a passionate volunteer because she knows what it is like to be on the streets, not knowing where she would sleep or where her next meal was coming from, for 12 months as a teenager. For most of us, as we go to our comfortable homes, enjoy eating regular meals, and then sleeping in a warm and comfortable bed, we are not even aware of the many people who do not have those simple luxuries that we take for granted. 

Both Kate and Sheree are very clear on the message that these people need a hand up more than they need a handout. Every one of us can do something to help lift these people and help them in life. Just giving attention, a smile, or an encouraging word can do so much. As Sheree and Kate talk about their own very different experiences, I hope you will be inspired to help.

To find out more about Pentecost Care, watch this short video.

If you are in Melbourne and can attend an event call Being Well, Staying Well on Tuesday June 25, we would love to see you. All proceeds will go to Pentecost Care, click here to book.

To donate money to Pentecost Care, click here.

To reach out to Kate, email her at care@pentecostcare.com.au