Pietro Girgenti is a born entrepreneur. Inspired by his parents who migrated from Italy with nothing and went on to create great success in Australia, he has also  that courageous and adventurous spirit. After making money selling individual sachets of microwave popcorn at the boarding school he attended,  then developing property at the age of 18 with his brother,  he went on to own his own law firm at the age of 24 years old.

In his years as a lawyer, he developed the passion for helping business owners with the aspects of the business they needed but didn’t enjoy. Things like; law, accounting and admin. As a result, and with his creative and courageous mindset, he came up with the idea of an app that could help fitness professionals streamline their businesses, and the general public more easily find a suitable fitness partner. He founded and created the app called ‘Fitii.’

This amazing app has bought Pietro and myself together to partner in our mission of creating a wave of wellness around the world, and so ‘Fitii’ is the new sponsor of this podcast. As we talked together, I got some gems from Pietro and his entrepreneurial mindset. The most valuable was the power of naivety, believing that anything is possible, and having the courage to give it a go. You will get lots out of this conversation. I hope you will see some value in ‘Fitii’ but mostly I hope you decide to give naivety a try.

Find out more about Fitii on theĀ website