I met Morgan Beard very recently through Fernando Parnes, founder of BestBeing and sponsor of this podcast. Morgan I chatted, we spoke together on a wellness panel and I was immediately impressed and engaged by this 30 years old dynamo. Listening to her wisdom, you would certainly not expect someone so young in years.

As you listen to Morgan’s maturity, it’s hard to imagine she has been through so much torment, torture, suffering, depression and suicidal thoughts as she has. She gets raw and vulnerable as she tells the story of how she plummeted into such a dark place. You will be inspired beyond belief as she tells how show dragged herself out of, as she describes it, the mud and the muck, to the place of abundance, joy, success and gratitude she finds herself today.

If you are a parent, you really need to listen to this podcast. If you are someone suffering, or know someone suffering, from depression or dark thoughts you need to listen to this podcast. If you want to hear Morgan singing, you need to listen to this podcast. If you are someone wanting to live your best life, you definitely need to listen to this podcast. What I’m saying is… this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Morgan can be contacted through www.morganbeard.coach

Her instagram account is mo_beazy

I want to thank  the team at BestBeing for sponsoring this podcast. they can be found at www.bestbeing.com .