At 23, Matthew Loudon was healthy, fit, had a well-paying job and generally loved life. Although everything seemed perfect from the outside, he had this feeling deep down that he wasn’t being true to himself. At the time, he also didn’t realise that he was about to hit rock bottom and be diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which turned his world upside down. This diagnosis turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Matt was forced to confront his reality, look inwards and work on his inner self in order to truly understand the value of health and well-being. 

Since the age of 26, he has been on a journey to continually educate himself and to live a fulfilled, happy life while still looking after his health and well-being on all levels—mentally, physically and spiritually. As his wellness journey progressed, he also discovered that his true purpose lies in helping others. These days, he is still learning and training himself in different ways to be the best husband, father and friend he can be. And, as a health and wellness coach, he’s been fortunate enough to support others around the world who are looking to regain control of their health and well-being in order to lead happier, healthier and more purposeful lives.

Whether you’ve hit rock bottom like he did or are simply looking to switch to healthier habits, Matthew is here to support you on your journey to reach your full potential. There are some wonderful insights in this podcast, including a great strategy: to get off the grid. This is a wonderful conversation to help you find the health and happiness that is waiting for you every single day.

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