Are you a sports fan, or do you know any? If you are one, have you ever said, or if you know one, have you ever heard them say, in reference to a preferred team, ‘we won’, orwe lost’, orwe played like…’? What is wrong with these comments? From my perspective, and at the risk of offending people, we did not do anything, the team we supported did it. We just sat on the couch, or in the stands and yelled. So, as we launch into 2024, can I suggest that rather than just spectate, why not actually get into the game?

This blog is 100% for me. I am writing it and posting it publicly so that I make myself accountable to you. If, by chance, it meets you at a moment when you feel it is time to stop just spectating, stop simply supporting, and get yourself into action, then we are in this together. If I am being honest, I have definitely been guilty of spectating in the guise of it actually being a positive and forward movement in my life. I was kidding myself. I watched shows like The Shark Tank, The Voice, MasterChef, and so on, and justified to myself that I was using them to learn and getting myself motivated to chase my dreams. The reality: I was using it to hide from the discomfort and fear of chasing my dreams.

Literally, getting into the game means, stop spectating basketball (or other sport), get fit, join a team, and start playing. Now, if you are like me and your playing days are well and truly over, getting into the game means something very different. The game for me is increasing my impact on the lives of people. I have coined a mantra, as my theme for this year, and it is, create more in 2024. More what? More impact on lives, more joy, more meaning, more opportunities, more health, more money, and more love. Trust me, creating more of anything will not happen watching someone else fulfill their dream, it requires getting up and getting into the game.

If I want to have more impact, I have to get into the game of finding people who want and need my help. If I want more joy, I have to get into the game of looking for the good, exploring the lessons, being grateful, and doing things that may be uncomfortable. If I want more meaning, I have to get into the game of living a life strongly aligned with my values of honesty, courage, kindness, and emotional maturity. If I want more opportunities, I have to get into the game of making them happen. If I want more health, I have to get into the game of eating better, laughing more, exercising cleverly, and managing my emotions. If I want more money, I have to get into the game of adding more value. If I want more love, I have to get into the game of giving more love.

What do you want more of in 2024? Write it down. Put it up on your wall, and if you are courageous enough, share it with someone. As you look at what you want more of, all you need to do is simply get into the game. Looking at it, thinking about it, meditating on it, praying over it, and visualising it, will keep you as a spectator. In addition to all of those things you actually need to do something on a daily basis. You know what you need to do, don’t you?

In my podcast this week with Dr Allan Meyer, called Creating more in 2024, we discuss exactly what I have spoken about. Allan had a challenging year in 2023, but is using it to create more for himself, his wife, and many other people in 2024. If you need help with this, please reach out to me. I would encourage you to read or re-read my book T.E.A.R.S. of Joy, as it will help you get into the game. If you want to attend a session to help you, Creating More in 2024, is a virtual event I am running later in January.

Life is a wonderful place of adventure, opportunity, and abundance. Those who are experiencing the great things that are available have lifted themselves off the spectator bench and have actually started participating in life. With all of my heart, I urge you to get into the game so you can create more in 2024.