Keagen Hadley has found incredible passion and purpose through significant pain and trauma in his life. As a young man, he was a talented athlete and had a great future ahead of him in professional American Football. However, it was not meant to be as injuries and other challenges put an end to that dream forever. The saying goes when one door closes another one opens, and Keagan has been able take the pain he went through to now use it to help many people.

The physical challenges were one thing, but the mental and emotional challenges Keagen faced, were something entirely different. When he finally got to the place he knew he needed held and had the courage to courage to ask for it, he came across ACT, or Acceptance Commitment Therapy. He now uses this therapy to help others in his role as a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and psychiatric clinical researcher, and he specializes in using psychological treatments such as ACT with his clients. 

Keagen, in his own words, describes himself as supremely passionate about what he is now doing, but is very aware that his purpose has come about through his own journey, pain and overcoming. In 2022, he achieved one of his lifelong dreams of becoming a published author with his first book, “Torn” his story and the lessons he learned on his journey. This is a powerful and inspiring conversation, not to be missed.

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