On his website, Jem Fuller says:

Through my colourful and wonderfully varied life, I have been curious as to how much influence we have over the quality of our experiences and the results we get. This interest has led me to study various ancient healing arts, mind practices and in the last 2 decades leadership, coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Behavioural Profiling and Mindfulness Meditation.

The answer to my enquiry has been a resounding “YES”… The way we think, focus, act and move… our perspective and mental agility, our ability to communicate and access equanimity, have profound impacts on our lives and the lives of others.

My mission is to share this with you.

I loved my conversation with Jem as he honestly and transparently discusses his journey which has led him around the world, to devastating loss, to learning and growing, and finally to the place now where he impacts and inspires many people through his speaking, his facilitating and his writing. What he has discovered, and we discuss, is that communication is the key to happiness, fulfillment, wellbeing and prosperity. Not just communication, but deliberate, self-aware and conscious communication.

In this conversation we talk about a range of amazing things. We discuss communication, we delve into ego, and we talk about the importance of self-awareness coupled with self-okayness. We discovered the foundation of communication comes down to the identity we have of ourselves, and the basis of that identity. What would the fly on the wall hear that was spoken about you at your funeral? An important question to ponder. This is an engaging and inspiring podcast I urge you to listen to.

Jem can be found on his website.

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