What does it take to “Own Your Awesome” and take the reins of creating the success you know you deserve? If there is one message that is universal today, it is about the power of the mind and the importance of tapping into your unique, and multifaceted self-leadership to achieve your goals. That is the mindset that U.S. Olympic Heavyweight Champion and Resilience Speaker Cam F. Awesome brings to audiences. In order to become the Winningest Boxer in USA Boxing history, holding four Golden Glove Championships, six U.S. Championships, three PAL National Championships, six Ringside Championships, and three Olympic trials, Cam had to find a system to push through the challenges of losing, in order to keep on fighting and ultimately win more championships than any other boxer. 

During his captivating talks, he shares the stories and strategies of how he faced adversity both in and out of the ring, with a championship mindset, and how he pushed through every obstacle to achieve his greatest goals. Part of his resilient and inspiring journey was even featured in the NETFLIX Original documentary COUNTERPUNCH. Cam provides an insightful look at how he took fate into his own hands and made an almost impossible decision that would affect and change the rest of his life. What makes Cam’s message so rejuvenating and relatable is that he reminds the audience that boxing is the greatest metaphor because everyone is fighting their own battles, and that there is a way to win.

In this podcast, Cam really flips the narrative on words that have shaped many lives to this date. Words like humble, awesome, and failure. He believes that when you can flip the narrative, you can transform your life. Words have the power to create destiny’s so it is important to chose the right words and really understand what they mean This a powerful story and podcast and it will leave you inspired and empowered to get up and do better for the sake of your life and the people you care about.

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