Jemma trained as a classical flute player, but she realised, soon after a classmate hit her on the head with a flute, that it wasn’t her jam.  She has been passionate about music since the age of 4 years old, where her brilliant parents gifted her the opportunity to join theatre groups, dance classes and music schools. After completing a Bachelor of Music at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (the same campus as Hugh Jackman!) she has gone on to enjoy an endlessly vibrant and diverse career in children’s music, theatre and TV production. For more on her story, listen to Episode 55, Jamming with Jemma.

In this episode Jemma and I discuss and fun, fabulous and fitting topic. As someone who has dealt with stress, anxiety, depression and fear, Jemma has worked on strategies and found some amazing ways to find fun in every area of life. Her ideas vary from short and simple strategies, to taking herself away on three retreats to find peace, space, creativity and fun. In fact, recently, in just three days, she wrote two amazing songs. 

We live in a busy and noisy world, and we can easily get caught up in the confusion, stress and seriousness of life. Jemma and I discuss some great ideas for everyone to find fun, no matter what they maybe be doing, or facing. For fun, also, Jemma needs help naming her album, so please offer her your suggestions. This is a powerful, inspiring, and very fun podcast that everyone need to listen to.

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