It is my mission in life to create a wave of wellness around the world and help people live a  life of joyful longevity, so when I came across Sara Picken-Brown, I knew we needed to speak. We met many years ago in Melbourne when she was personal training, she is now living in London. Before i spoke to her on this podcast, I had no idea about her amazing story and all the incredible things she has achieved.

She was born into the dancing profession, as boh her parents were professional dancers. When injury ended her dancing career, her world was turned upside down. The disciplines she learned in that process led her to incredible success as a trainer, a body builder and even a coach for olympic athletes. As`her body started to suffer from the hardcore life of physical achievement she was living, she made a change in direction that has helped her transform her life and re-find her joy.

Sara found yoga and now teaches, runs retreats, delivers programs and helps people all around the world find the joy in life that is available to them. She is passionate, engaging and inspiring and this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Sara can be found on social media as Figure Genie and and her website is

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