Madii Himbury is a determined and inspiring Australian Winter Olympian. Madii’s Mogul skiing career highlights include 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic finalist, 2017 World Championships 20th, 2017 World Cup 10th, 2019 Continental Cup 3rd.

​Madii has not experienced a smooth path to her success, having to overcome many physical and mental battles in the previous 14 years. This includes three ACL tears, back fractures, as well as mental illness. Madii’s ability to prevail despite these setbacks is a testament to her strength in character, immense commitment and resilience. She retired from elite sport in 2022 and is now focusing on her professional career.

As Madii was negotiating her greatest challenge, and going through her toughest time, she was not only dealing with the negativity of others, but her own self-doubts and limiting thoughts. Her vision was the 2022 Winter Olympics, yet the obstacles that lay in her way seemed unconquerable. When listening to the opinions of many people, she asked, Is this fact of fiction?  She decided to take control of what she could, she went on to create her own team, and give this last Olympics everything she could. She is an absolute inspiration, that is for sure.

​Outside of sport Madii is passionate about health and well-being. Madii’s resilient and goal-directed lifestyle in combination with her understanding of and commitment to excellence in sport, life, and work equip her well in future professional roles. It is important for Madii to give back to sport, to the community and to strive to inspire others by sharing her story of adversity and triumph, coaching and mentoring. Please enjoy this wonderful conversation.

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