Everything that is massive in the world, started with something very small. Every tall skyscraper, started with one brick. Every best-selling book started with one word. Every billion dollar business started with one idea. Every catastrophic natural disaster started with one small movement of air or earth. Every wave that crashes in on the shore, began with one small ripple. So, as I sit on this flight to the USA for the month of September 2019, I have a mission. My mission is to initiate a ripple that will turn into a wave of wellness around the world.
I am starting to write this blog on Sunday, September 1, as I fly to my first destination, which is San Francisco, by the time you are reading this, one week will have passed, so I am excited about what will have happened in just one week. The reality is that I am deeply concerned and agitated about the rate of physical and mental issues in the world. Even though we live in the 21st century and have no shortage of information, resources and technology, we are sicker, as a world, than ever. Not just physically sick, also; mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally and spiritually sick. There is no logical reason for it, so it is my purpose to do my part, and, make the difference that I can make. People who are experiencing their current state of health, started from a ripple, and so, I want to help those in need, and want, to create a new ripple leading to an amazing and purposeful life.

I got off the plane in LA and then flew to San Francisco. I got on the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel, so I could check in and then rest up, after a long flight. The shuttle bus made just one stop before getting to the Hilton Hotel. It was at the Red Roof Hotel. Nope, I had never heard of it before either. As we had stopped and people got off, within my first few hours of being in the country, I observed my first dramatic event in the USA.

There were about five policemen, they all had shields, except one who had a really big gun. They stood outside one of the hotel room doors, yelling; “Let us in peacefully, or we will break down the door.” After another couple of warnings, and no response from inside the room, they started ramming and busting down the door to get in and capture the fugitive or fugitives who were refuging inside. That was about all I saw before the bus took off to drop me to the Hilton Hotel. Thankfully, as evidence that you are reading this, the drama stayed at the Red Roof Hotel!

As I reflected on this incident, I thought about the person in that room, on the verge of getting arrested. He or she was not born a criminal. In fact, I’m sure he or she is a very nice person. But over the years of little ripples of negativity in his or her life, resulted in a wave of crime that will possibly put that person in jail for a very long time. Tragic really, when it could have all so easily been changed, by getting some positive ripples started to lead this person on a very different path in his or her life.

The ripple begins by dropping one small pebble!

Most people put off, or talk themselves out of, pursuing a goal or aspiration because it all seems too hard and too far away from where they currently are. What most people fail to realise is that every amazing achievement started with one thought, one idea, one phone call, one word, or just one small action. It’s just like dropping a small pebble into the pond that starts a ripple leading to the wave of success you are looking for.

This is going to sound dumb and obvious, but, the ripple can’t lead to the wave if the pebble is not first dropped. As obvious as it sounds, let me ask you this, what are you putting off? What seems too hard, too scary, you are doubting, or is out of your comfort zone? What you may not be realising is that what you are putting off is dropping the pebble that will start the ripple which will lead to the wave of wonder in your life.

You have an idea right? You have a thought or a vision of how you would like your life to look, don’t you? As amazing as it is, however, it will stay as a nice idea or a beautiful vision unless you drop your first pebble. So, what do you need to do? What simple action do you need to take to start the ripple that leads to the wave? You know what it is, don’t you? How about you switch off the over-analytical part of your brain, and click into action mode? Don’t worry about getting to the top of the mountain, just take the first step. Unless you take the first step, you can never take the second.

What is your pebble? Is it making the phone call to start the process of resolving conflict with someone? Is it making an appointment with a coach, personal trainer, mentor or trusted friend to help you get a plan? Is it eating breakfast? Is it actually sitting down and starting your book? Is it making that sales call you are resisting? Is it opening the savings account and putting money in it? Is it starting the process to look for a career you will be passionate about? It really doesn’t matter what it is or how insignificant it may seem, unless you drop that first pebble, there will never be a ripple that leads to the wave you are looking for.

I am just reading a great book called ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, and he talks about the formation of the wave of success. It takes time and it takes daily action until the ripples well up enough to create the wave. James calls this period of what seems to be wasted effort,the ‘Plateau of Latent Potential.’ It takes persisting with the pebbles, and creating the ripples until the break through to the other side happens. Then, the flood gates open and the waves crash in. This breakthrough moment, that may take years to get to, is often referred to as ‘Overnight Success’ by those who don’t understand the truth of success. What many fail to realise, it may have taken years of pebble dropping and ripples to create that ‘overnight success.’

Again, none of it can happen without the first ripple. This trip to the USA for me is just the beginning of my vision to create the wave of wellness. It will not provide the end result, but another ripple that will lead to the wave. Getting to this point has taken years of vision, focus, passion and dropping pebbles. Moving on from here, to make the wave happen, will take more of the same. It’s not always glamorous, and it’s not always comfortable, but, if you want what you want, then you need to do what must be done.

The key factors to persistence, (ie. continuing to drop pebbles when it seems to be having a minimal impact) is faith, belief, vision and fun. It’s critical that you have faith and belief that if you continue to drop the pebbles and start the ripples that the wave will happen. When times get a little tough, and challenges confront you, stay focused on the vision that moved you to drop the first pebble in the beginning. Then, finally, have fun with it knowing and believing that with every pebble you drop and ripple you create, you are getting closer to the wave of health, happiness and prosperity that will wash over you and your life.