Bianca Chatfield is a BB. You’ll need to listen to find out what that means. She played top level netball for almost 20 years, including playing for her country and winning a  Commonwealth Games Gold Medal. She now is a media personality, an inspiring speaker and author who is inspiring people everywhere she goes.

Bianca is incredibly resilient because of many things, but one incredible character trait she owns, is her ability to be flexible and adaptable when circumstances change. This has proved to to help her  overcome the frequent challenges of an elite sporting career, negotiate the opinions of many people and to navigate her way through the current COVID-19 situation.

Bianca speaks with openness and honesty and is truly captivating. The simplicity with which she discusses creating success will excite and motivate you to get started, today.  Enjoy my fabulous conversation with Bianca Chatfield, aka B, Chatters or BB.

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