Filipa and Chris Bellette are having a profound and positive impact on lives all around the world. But, it wasn’t always like that…

Filipa found her body is breaking down, as she was trying to juggle the demands of motherhood & building a business. It was crushing and debilitating and she was searching for answers, for solutions – for YEARS. She tried this way of eating. She tried that supplement. She tried this doctor. That practitioner. Some things helped reduce symptoms. Yet she still wasn’t getting to the root cause of her health issues. This led Filly to be treated by one of the world’s best in Functional Medicine, Dr Daniel Kalish, who, at the same time, mentored her in the practice of Functional Medicine. He gave her a PLAN to uncover ALL the root causes of her health issues, so that she could finally get on top of her health and become the mum, the wife, the healer & business owner that she wanted to be.

Chris had always been blessed with health of body and mind. For many years, however, he devalued his blessings and abused his body, mind and spirit. He was so obsessed with elite level sport and being ‘the best’ – first, national-level basketball, then national-level Strongman – that he broke his body down with multiple injuries, burnt-out adrenals, and was left living on energy drinks to get through work, and conking out on the couch when he was at home. This left little time for his kids and his wife. He was also burning the candle at both ends, trying to build a fitness business.

He had lost his way. Although he was a physically ‘big’ man, he felt weak and broken inside. His family life & business suffered because of it. It was through his own 2-year mentorship with world-renowned Holistic Health Coach, Mark Buckley, that he discovered the power of Mindset Coaching – which literally saved his life in more ways then one. Through intensive psychological re-shifting work, and healing of his own body systems (with the help of his wife!), he found his way back.

Together Chris & Filly are a powerful force as they combine their personal experiences and overcoming, with what they have studied and learned on the journey. Filly a clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, and Chris an NLP practitioner and life coach have combined to create Chris and Filly’s Functional Medicine. Together that are changing lives, and I know this conversation will inspire you to end body burnout.

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