From a challenging upbringing and self-harm to being a teenage published author, broadcast journalist, and college instructor, “The Excitable Introvert” Jacqueline Shaulis leveraged her successes, failures, quirks, and proficiencies to become an international speaker, global bestselling author, and advisor to hundreds. She has done it by honouring herself, her introversion and being the amazing and authentic person she was born to be.

Jacqueline has wowed audiences in nearly 20 countries with her ‘Embrace Your AWESOME’ message. She strives to imbue her work with empathy, energy, empowerment, engagement, and excellence to get people thinking, talking, and taking action that shifts their world for the better. Jacqueline brings fresh, unique perspective gained from her background as an award-winning performer, past newspaper columnist, broadcast journalist, and college instructor (all by voting age!).  

In this episode we share experiences as two introverts and we discuss the challenges that introverts face, as society pushes them to be more extroverted. We discuss some wonderful strategies for all people to help them embrace their unique awesome and go on to live a life that brings joy, delight and passion. Trust me when I say this is a conversation not to be missed.

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