It’s not about the indulgence, it’s about the habits you create …

Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, everything you read and listen to on the subject will only confuse you. We are constantly bombarded with new ideas, magic formulas, super diets, fabulous products and other easy ways to get in shape, stay in shape and feel great without much effort. 

So what makes Andrew think that he has got something different to offer?

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This book was borne out of a frustration that Andrew could not find user-friendly, enjoyable or realistic information for his clients to use to change their lives – it was all too hard! 

He is certainly not saying that there is not a lot of amazing information out there about health and nutrition. The problem was how to take this information and apply it into an already busy and often stressful life that the majority of people have. Does this sound true for you? 

Andrew has spent many years researching nutrition and the psychology of creating long-term change through various means. Reading, listening, attending seminars and working with an amazing group of people. He has experimented and practically applied many different styles and theories on eating until he developed a formula that worked for him and seemed to have the greatest positive impact on the majority of people.  This included eating chocolate, drinking alcohol and being lean & healthy! 

Yes, the title is TRUE, not just a hook to sell the book! Everything he has discovered in his 20+ years in this industry he offers to you in this book. So, how is it different and why would you spend your hard earned dollars on it? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. It is easy to read. So many books Andrew has read have confused him (he is not a brain surgeon!). If this is the case then how would the general population go? He is used to teaching maths and phys ed to teenagers – he is good at making things simple and understandable.
  2. It is honest. People need to know that the facts, even if they don’t like what they hear. That long-term positive change doesn’t happen overnight and can’t be obtained through a diet, a tablet, a cream, an abdominator or a sauna! It comes through making a decision and then taking simple, daily  and consistent action to change thinking and consequently change habits
  3. It is doable, realistic & achievable. It is not as hard as most people think. Getting into shape doesn’t require giving up all the foods and drinks that you love, starving yourself, exercising like an olympian and being miserable as many people attempt to do. One simple change that is made and established as a new habit will have an enormously positive effect on your optimal health and well-being. Take it one step at a time.
  4. It is enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy doing something, how long will it last? What is the point of making your life miserable and compromising your energy & your health all in the pursuit of losing a few quick kilograms that will most likely find you again in the near future? Enjoy your lifestyle and your indulgence in moderation. The moderate amount of chocolate, alcohol and other fantastic foods you consume will not determine your outcome. It is the habits you develop that will.
  5. It is inspiring and empowering. Andrew truly believes that every single person on the planet can change their situation by deciding what they want, why they want it, making a decision and taking some very simple steps to achieve it.

Publicity for ‘Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy’ appeared in the following:  

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“Hi Andrew, As part of my quest for better health and wellness as I recover from my recent shoulder replacement and earlier cancer treatments, I started a serious effort to eat better and to exercise (beyond just my physical therapy sessions) on November 21, about two weeks before your workshop. I had already lost about six pounds by December 3rd, but when I started reading Eat Chocolate.., it really struck a chord with me, and I felt you were giving me just the information (and encouragement) I needed, and laid out a path to a healthier life. I’ve read many diet books over the years, and yours was as good and helpful as any. You definitely communicated with, and related to, your readers. I’ve made changes in my eating and thinking since reading it, and it really connected with my health and wellness concerns and priorities. The timing was perfect — I’m down another seven pounds since then and have more energy than I’ve had in a long while. Coincidence? My wife says there is no such thing! BTW, my wife is reading it now, and is favorably impressed.”

“Heya, just read ‘Eat Chocolate Drink Alcohol and be Lean and Healthy’, wow what a book! Soooo empowering … would love to read all Andrews books! Thanks for a great read!”

Hi Andrew, I have been on and off the dieting train for a good 8 years; my recent stint I lost 30 kgs in a year (with still 15 to go) by cutting out everything I loved to eat and worked my butt off at the gym but now life has kicked back in and I indulging a little and not working out so much I am struggling to keep it off. I am half way through your book and I can’t put it down (which is a big thing for me as I am totally not a reader more a collector of books). Your book has been able to explain things that I have never really understood (why eating when we first wake up is important, why I am sooo tired all the time, why eating certain foods are good not bad and so on and so on) and I think that is the key I needed. So I know its only been a few days but I think the most important thing you have been able to get me to see that it didn’t take 12 weeks to get me to where I am so it won’t take 12 weeks to reverse the damage. So a mighty big Thank you!”

“I was given your book, Eat Chocolate and Drink Alcohol… last night by my personal trainer … and although I have only read the first 20 pages I think it is great and I cannot wait till get home tonight to read some more… thank you”

“I have just read you book Eat Choc……. (which I have had for some time but never got around to reading). It is now so relevant to my husband as he has recently been diagnosed diabetic. He was suffering from dizziness and disorientation, even fell and gashed his head, but now following your recommendations he has started to feel better and the dizzy bouts are almost a thing of the past (fingers crossed). I want to sign up to your newsletter so you can continue to inspire us and keep us on the right path for the rest of our lives. Thank you so very much Andrew, you’re a star.”
Kathryn & Paul

“I read your book some time ago and it has led me to make the decision to study nutrition next year. As a personal trainer, I knew the importance of good nutrition, but the book has opened my eyes and mind. Thank you.”

“I have just read your book. Thank you! It has been very inspiring and will take many “challenges” on board. Maybe the yo-yo dieting will finally be put to rest 🙂 Warm regards,” 

“Dear Andrew, I just wanted to write you a little note to say thank you for the wonderful information that you provided in you book ‘Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean and Healthy.’ Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have picked up your book… for the first time in my life things began to make sense. I have previously done a lot of reading about dieting, food and general well-being… but no other publication hit home as much as yours did. The whole concept of being caught on the ‘blood-sugar rollercoaster’ was instantly chilling… I knew instantly that this rollercoaster was controlling my life. Despite eating ‘healthily’… I would often skip breakfast and binge on sugar in the afternoon… oh how things have changed now. I am so grateful that I found your book when I did. I am currently 21 and in many ways was on a dangerous path… not necessarily with food and exercise but mainly with my self-esteem and feeling like a failure. I have never had any issues with weight however in the last two years found myself getting a little heavier month by month. I have applied your advice and strategies almost with ease… it is a far easier and rewarding program than some of the destructive diets that I have tried… I cringe when I think about what I put my body through. Andrew, thank you so much for your words… I will never forget the experience of reading your book. You have helped me in so many ways – I cannot thank you enough. Kindest Regards” 

“Dear Andrew, I received a copy of ‘Eat Chocolate’ some time ago and like some of the other books that I have received, it has sat on my shelf for a while now, unopened. I’d like you to know that last week I read one of your “twitter” posts and I thought to myself, “I’m sure that you would have written more about that in your book”.  Sure enough, there was a whole chapter and I found myself instantly engrossed and flicking through other chapters. 
It was a great read Andrew, just like having you sitting there talking to me about really important things one-on-one and I wanted you to know that I’ve implemented the ideas from your book (particularly around metabolism and eating patterns) straight away.  Your writing style is easy to read, personal, highly practical and it just all makes sense!! I think those things will have an enormous impact on my daily health and life-long health journey.  So, thanks Andrew! You’re a terrific role model generally when it comes to health and also a great book mentor, because the things you are coaching around in terms of “writing your first book” are really seen in the book you have actually written…and that I’m now reading!!!Cheers to you,

Andrew,  I googled your name wondering if you have written another book and discovered your email address. Your book has had a profound effect on my life. My 14-year-old son bought the book for me for Christmas as he was concerned about my weight. Ironically he bought it from the Margaret River Chocolate Factory while we were on holiday. It has changed my life – I stopped weighing myself after I had lost 25 kgs from 110kgs and use my belt and watch band to gauge my progress. My whole family has embraced GI and your holistic approach towards life – exercise, nutrition etc. I push your book to everyone who asks how I did it.Thank you.”

“Hi Andrew. I’ve just read your book and it’s amazing! do you ever travel to other countries with your work because I need to have a consultation with you cos I Feel half dead! I’m having a lot of problems with blood sugar, lack of energy etc and have been told I have candida. Is it possible to have a telephone consultation please. I have read a lot of books that go on and on and don’t make much sense but yours was a fantastic read and helped me to understand the relationship between eating, exercise, energy levels etc. look forward to hearing from you. Thanks”

Jackie, Manchester, UK

“Hi Andrew, i
t was great to meet you last Tuesday and I have now completed reading your book and was very impressed by it! We share very similar views on nutrition, and the importance of consistency with regard to eating, as well as making non-complex and long-term maintainable adjustments. I would like to promote your book to my client base, as well as include it in the online health and fitness store that I am putting together for my website.” 
Pete, Healthy Switch Personal Training

Hi Andrew, I’ve been trying the suggestions you gave us at the meeting since Friday and I’m amazed how much more energy I have in the afternoons and evenings. I have to say that Easter has created a challenge as I’ve eaten out unusually often and consumed as much alcohol in five days as I normally would in a whole month, but I’ve taken your tips about dining out and made sure to drink plenty of water too. I’ve found the piece of fruit when I wake up is the best pick-me-up and I still have enough drive to go for a jog. Your book is great too, I’ve tried low GI diets before and found I have no energy at all and I fall asleep on the couch around 9 pm. As you can see, I’m still awake now (11:30pm). Your theory about maintaining optimum blood sugar levels makes so much sense.”

Hi Andrew, Just wanted to thank you very much for sending me a copy of your book.  I’ve started reading it and am finding it very informative and easy to read and follow. I’ve also started exercising as of the 1st of September, it’s now day 5 and I’m still at it.  Getting into a routine so I’ll be slim and fit for summer”

“Andrew has given me so much appreciation and knowledge of my health and wellbeing through both speaking with him and reading his book ‘Eat Chocolate Drink Alcohol and Be Lean and Healthy’. I absolutely loved the book – and I am already implementing all I have learned into my life. Andrew is an amazing person, who definitely has a gifted ability and passion to help others to enjoy and achieve the balance in their lives that we are all searching for. I thank you so much Andrew for showing me how!” 

 “Hi Andrew, I recently came across a copy of your book  Eat Chocolate…… in an apartment where I was staying for a holiday.  I have since spoken to my sister, and we would both like to own our own copy, as it just made so much sense to us.  We had no luck in book shops as it is out of print, so thought this would be the best avenue. How do we get a copy, and how much will it be? Regards”

Hi Andrew, Yes thank you my sister and I both received our books.  Natalie informs me that she has lost 7kgs, but still has about 40kg more to lose.  I know she will stick to this one because she is looking and feeling great.  I don’t have that much weight to lose, just 6kg, but the change in eating has helped me a lot with energy & motivation to exercise.  Your book has given us a new perspective and renewed hope that we can achieve out goals.  We are having great fun. Thanks so much”


Hi Andrew, I’m very well, thank you. The books have been used and went down very well. Out of the total group of 20 I had more than half that told me that they found the book to be very beneficial. Thanks for writing it!!!”

“I discovered ‘Eat Chocolate’ a few months before I was due to get married. Of course I was spending more time in the gym so I would look fabulous on my wedding day. However, I wasn’t seeing the results I was expecting to see. Before I was enlightened by ‘Eat Chocolate’ I was continually trying to reduce the amount of food I was consuming and only eating 99% fat-free products. This caused me to feel lethargic and completely killed my enthusiasm for the gym. During one very unenthusiastic workout on the cross trainer, I picked up a copy of ‘Eat Chocolate’ which was on display in the gym. The second I started reading it I felt like it was speaking directly to me. Everything that I was doing to try and lose weight was so completely wrong it was no wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere. I immediately made some changes to my diet and actually allowed myself to eat (HELLO – what was I thinking before??) I noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels and was able to work out a lot harder than ever before. I actually threw away my scales because although I was losing body fat, I was increasing muscle mass. It is amazing how great your body can look when you feed it correctly. Anyway, to cut a long story short (too late) I looked trim, toned and terrific for my wedding day. Even though after my wedding I haven’t been quite as dedicated to the gym, by following the ‘Eat Chocolate’ philosophies, I am still as slim and healthy as ever” 

“Hi Andrew Your book was brought to my attention by one of my tutors. I am currently doing Certificate III in Fitness. Another student has kindly lent me her copy of your book but was wondering who stocks your book. By the way, great book…. I have a lot to learn…being an older student and in the steps of breaking into a new career (fitness). Your book will be of much help. Thanks.”

“Hi Andrew,  I wanted to let you know I have finished reading your book. Thank you. The title got me in, but became irrelevant once I started reading. As I mentioned when we met, I had started walking again as my routine was disrupted for 6 months with our moving and renovations. I will buy a pedometer this weekend, but have been consistent with 8 one hour walks a week which is to and from work for the last 3 weeks. The book really helped me not to “cop out” on the wet or inconvenient days. My food intake was OK, but I learned a lot about the quantity and high GI in the mornings. I was usually having my first breakfast meal at work at 9am, when I had been up since 6.30am. So there is fruit on the morning menu and I have stocked up with the healthy snacks to keep me going in the mid-morning and afternoon. I’ll start the 6-week program on your website to make sure I keep on making improvements. Thanks again, I really appreciate coming across your book and look forward to seeing one of your presentation in the next few weeks.”