Annalise Jennings is a business and community strategist with a background in risk management and 25 years’ experience in Corporate Banking. Over her career, she has specialized in projects that focus on transformation and maximizing human potential.

She is the founder and principal of Dynamic Exchange, committed to supporting individuals, teams, communities and organisations to reach their fullest potential. She has worked extensively with Australian Indigenous communities and is the creator of Whole of Community Change – a blueprint for economic development and social change, designed to bring about community ownership and self-determination. Her TEDx Talk entitled, “The SHIFT from Paternalism, Prohibition and Penalty” is a further testimony to her work

Annalise was working as an Executive Manager for one of the largest Australian Banks when she went on a holiday to far North Queensland. That few day break turned into many years and many lives changes as she transformed indigenous communities. Since that time, she won the prestigious SAI Global Business Excellence Award, she was a Finalist for the Banksia Foundation Awards recognizing her achievements in addressing the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability and Leadership, and in 2017 was invited to the Oslo Nobel Peace Prize Awards in recognition of her community work.

Working globally, Annalise has dedicated her life’s work to bringing the age-old principles of belonging; connectedness; caring for the whole; and the shift from problem to possibility, into mainstream groups. She believes in the power of every individual to shape communities, and is helping people drop rocks and create powerful ripple effects all around the world. This is a paradigm-shifting and inspiring conversation not to be missed.

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