As an accomplished, driven, passionate, engaging, and energetic pioneer woman, Dr Cindy Starke encourages audiences to reprogram their subconscious minds to challenge their preconceived notions of what they are capable of, and unleash and discover the champion that has always been inside of them. 

She grew up in a blue collar home where poverty, sexual abuse, drugs, and alcoholism ran deep through both sides of her family. She knew by age 14 she had to do something different with her life. She was determined to make something of herself and excel. And She did. She obtained a bachelor’s degree, then an MD, then a PhD, the first person in her family to achieve such a high level of education. 

She became a Doctor, doctor more for the feeling of self-worth she believed it would give her than anything else. She went through life trying to prove to herself that she was worthy – worthy of protection, worthy of respect, worthy of love. It took her many years to understand that what happened in her family was not her fault, and never had been hers to “fix”. It wasn’t because something was wrong with her or that she was bad or wrong in any way. 

That journey of forgiveness helped her see that there are so many other women over the age of 50 that are struggling with their own past, with their own inner demons, with their own “I’m not enough” or “I’m not good enough” variation of imposter syndrome. This is what has made her someone who is able to help these women overcome this legacy of tragedy, and turn it into a future of triumph. This is a powerful conversation not to be missed

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