Andrew Stevens is an award-winning Thought Leader in the Finance and Broking Industry. Some of the many hats he wears include;

– Head of Distribution and Growth at Nectar Group, where I supercharge businesses with marketing, coaching, and tools (without the strings of franchising).
– Host of Online Broker Think Tank, the digital hub for insights and tools that elevate brokers’ game.
– A Private Consultant, where I’ve been guiding and coaching businesses for over 13 years.

He has  enjoyed leading and building teams and business owners in banking, franchising, and aggregation throughout his career. He has a knack for connecting with people, listening to their challenges, and crafting unique solutions. But here’s what really matters:

– He has inspired countless individuals to pursue careers and build businesses they’re passionate about.
– He has the unique skill of understanding the psychology that drives people’s and businesses’ behaviour to help people discover what steps they need to take.
– People say his energy is infectious, and he’s got a story for almost every situation!
– He has a keen interest in technology, social trends and consumer behaviour and is constantly looking to predict where disruption might come from and what the future might hold.

He transformed his life after he found himself lost in the what he thought the external world wanted from him. He was burnt out, and struggling in all areas, until he did the inner work. Now, as a successful business coach, he can so many men struggling with the same things he struggled with, and is on a mission to make a difference. This is a wonderful conversation not to be missed

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