Jacob Smith came from an environment that would socially accept him to fall into the category of being a product/victim of his environment. Yet, he was able to define the odds by pulling myself out of a life of trauma, violence, pain, and suffering that almost led him to being dead or in prison. He hit complete rock bottom in my early 20’s before changing the direction of his life to becoming a successful executive business leader. Jacob believes and uses his hardships, trails, and tribulations as his greatest strengths. 

Understanding that a life without pain and suffering will never allow a person to be fully introduced to what they are capable of enduring and overcoming without being faced with extreme opposition and adversity to persevere through. His life’s purpose is to reach and inspire men to never allow any circumstance or situation define their life, yet turn all negatives into positives by growing through what they go through. He believes his testimony and unwavering dedication to his renewed life as well as perspective will provide people with hope that if he can make it, so can they.

Jacob now happily married with two beautiful children, and a successful executive and coach, is living proof that, no matter our circumstances, we can change direction at any moment and create a different outcome in our lives. This is a wonderful conversation that will inspire and empower you to believe more in yourself and pursue the life that is available for you.  . 

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