It has been a wonderful journey since meeting Dr Allan Meyer in June 2019. We spoke together at a men’s event, we swapped books with each other, and since that time, we have been great friends and working together to help as many people as possible. Later that same year spoke together at a church in Washington State, USA, and we have done many things together since that time.

Allan has been helping many people long before I met him. Along with his wife Helen, he has many decades of experience in working with people to help them find the joy in life that comes from identifying and living with purpose in life. He has been a head pastor of many churches, he is a published author, he speaks to audiences all around the world helping them live happier and healthier lives. In 1992 Allan, together with Helen, established Careforce Lifekeys, a Ministry that releases healing, discipleship and evangelism in more than 2300 churches and organisations in over twenty countries around the world. 

After a challenging year in 2023, along with celebrating his 55th wedding anniversary and turning 75 years old, Allan has plans to take what he has learned and create much more in 2024. You will be engaged, entertained and maybe even challenged by my conversation with Allan. Most of all you will be inspired to learn from last year and use to do more, be more, and create more in 2024..

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