Laura Hingston is an Australian 10m platform diver on a world stage and aspiring for her first Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, but that was not always the case. As a determined 5 year old, Laura finally convinced her parents after 3 years of asking, to let her learn gymnastics. Very quickly, with incredible focus, she became an elite gymnast, but the young Victorian transferred through the VIS to Diving, after having career ending back surgery. Now, she is a member of the National Team and competes in both the 10m Individual and Synchronised events on the world stage

With the same passion she gave to her gymnastics, she took to diving and found herself diving off the 10m platform at a world class level. Now with her eyes firmly set on the Tokyo Olympics, she is doing amazing things. I have had this conversation with her at a time when she is in the zone and totally focused on her dream. As a result,  the pearls of wisdom that come out of the mouth of a 25-year-old will amaze you.

From thinking big, to goal setting, to persistence, to overcoming fear, to resilience and to my favourite quote of hers, controlling the controllables, this is a conversation full of inspiration for everyone, no matter their age or aspirations in life. In addition to her diving, Laura is very open to share her thoughts and help anyone wanting to live their very best life. This is a wonderfully inspiring conversation that I encourage you to listen to.

Laura can be followed and contacted on her Instagram page