The first thing I noticed when I read Jonathan McLernon’s profile was his mission to he marry the Science of Metabolism with the Psychology of Behavior Change and the Compassion of Human Connection to create life-changing transformations with his clients. Wow, that is a powerful statement and one I wanted to understand more fully. Jonathan calls himself an online nutrition and fitness coach, but I discovered very quickly that he is way more than that.

The fact he ballooned to well over 100lbs (45kg) overweight was an emotional and fear based response to a couple of pretty traumatic experiences. To be attacked by a group of four men who tried to beat him to death in Africa is a hard event to easily overcome. as is losing everything in a failed business venture. His binge eating to cover up his own self-loathing got him to the point he knew he needed to reach out and ask for help.

It was the compassion that was shown to him by his coach, and what he leaned about self-worth, that helped him to, day-by-day and one step at a time, transform his life. He now spends his life, with compassionate awareness, helping other people enjoy the lives they were destined to live. He is a humble and inspiring man, and this truly is a conversation that everyone needs to hear.

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