Matthew Dickson is a Canadian who is trying to help people in developing countries with no mental health care. He has suffered from mental health problems himself (schizophrenia) for 27 years, and is now inspired to help others. His heart goes out to people in impoverished or war-torn countries who have to experience not only the torment of mental illness, but the traumas of poverty or horrors of war as well.

Matthew bicycled across Canada when he was 20, in the middle of getting an engineering degree. He wanted to do more fun stuff like that – travel, explore. At 22 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It started a painful and life-altering journey that lasted 27 years until, in 2021, it was finally gone from his body. The pain and torment seemed unbearable at times, but he simply committed to doing one uncomfortable thing every day that would move him to full recovery, no matter how uncomfortable that thing was.

Not surprisingly, he achieved the result, even if it took longer than he hoped, and now he is in the position to help others. he simply believed it. He was called to do things that were “seemingly” impossible, which he did and realised they were actually possible after all. The point is, you can do them. They “seem” impossible, but they’re not! Don’t give up. Stay hopeful! You will amaze yourself! It took awhile, but he successfully recovered from schizophrenia. Find his best mental health tips here!

Recovery is possible! Now hem trying to help others going through mental illness, primarily in developing countries, as they have it worse than we do in developed countries. Enjoy this powerful conversation and please share it with as many people as you can, and believe would gain value and insight. 

Find out more about Matthew on herĀ website.