John Carroll has had an incredible journey to be at the point now where his loving his life. For most of his childhood, he endured war in Zimbabwe, he then started a business, moved country, started a career that was not his passion, and found himself in a rut. After a near death experience, he stopped to question his life. From that moment he gained clarity about the life he wanted to live. The quote that got him moving is: Clarity is king, consistency is queen and persistence rules the kingdom.

What happened next was a leap of faith, leading to lots of lessons and ultimately to John starting his business Leadership Safari’s. He teaches leadership using fables of African animals, and the one he shared with me in the podcast is a powerful one. We spend time discussing the most important relationship that requires leading. That is the relationship with yourself.

John is a master story-teller and had me captivated for the whole podcast. He reminded me that anything is possible, when you have clarity, consistency and persistence, This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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