I have to admit, I sat spellbound for the vast majority of this podcast as Charlene Madden told her story.  I need to just warn you, as a potential listener, this podcast and what Charlene has experienced in her life is confronting and may be triggering for some people. But let me tell you, it will also be very inspiring, healing and hope-giving as Charlene, despite decades of abuse, addiction, mental health challenges and suicidal intent is now living a life full of passion and purpose inspiring people all around the world.

When she spoke at her first event  after choosing to live and help other people, and told her story, she explained to the audience her mission was to save just one life. Well, that mission was achieved when, as she was walking off stage she was approached by a lady who said: You said your mission was to save one life, well, you did it! The lady then simply turned and walked away. This is testament to the power of the story you are about to listen to.

Abandoned as a small child by her parents, sexually abused by her grandfather for 9 years from the age of 3 is not the beginning to life you would wish on anyone! It’s not hard to understand why addiction, self-harm, zero-self worth and suicidal thoughts followed for Charlene and haunted her for many decades. How she is still here and now doing what she is doing, with an unconditional love for herself, came through divine intervention, for sure. She is inspiring people all around the world to choose life. Trust me when I say this is a conversation not to be missed.

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