Are you ready to celebrate? Celebrate what? You may be asking. Do you really need an occasion, an achievement, or an event before you can celebrate? I think not. As I searched the definition of celebrate on my search engine, it came up with to observe with ceremonies of respect, festivities or rejoicing. In my mind, that doesn’t require a specific goal accomplishment or infrequent milestone occasion, it just requires you. Yes, you. I want to encourage you to celebrate you, today and every day moving forward.

You may be saying, there is nothing about me to celebrate. Without even necessarily knowing you,I would have to strongly disagree with that statement. I know there are things to celebrate about yourself right now. How do I know? Because you, like me, are a gloriously imperfect human, and I have already had multiple celebrations today, and it is not even 10am as I write this. I will talk about the cause for my celebrations shortly, but first I want to try and give you a new perspective on reasons to celebrate.

Why is it we are so conditioned to not be happy, proud or feel good about ourselves until we get to a point in time when society declares we may now celebrate? That is rubbish! I mean, have you ever had a wedding? Were you stressed, anxious and overwhelmed in the lead up, not allowing yourself to really feel the joy of the occasion until the wedding actually happens? If not, have you ever known anyone who has? Why is that? Why not celebrate yourself for finding love? Why not celebrate the wonderful person you are to be loved? Why not celebrate each action, in each day that leads to the moment you are standing at the alter?

Why do I have to hold off my celebration, joy, and self-love until I have published my next book? Wow, let me tell you, there would not be a lot of celebration in my life if I did. And it would be a false celebration anyway because holding the book is not the achievement. The achievement is having the idea. The achievement is getting started. The achievement is each word that I write. The achievement is writing badly on the days when I don’t feel like it. The achievement is me! What happens if we hold off our celebration until we make the team, get the grade, earn the income, lose the weight, or reach the goal, and we don’t achieve it? Are we a failure? Are we worthless? Are we useless? Are we incapable? Are we unlovable? The tragedy is, that is how many people feel. The reality is that these people are focusing on the wrong source and reasons to celebrate.

As I write this, it is Saturday morning. I woke up this morning at about 6:15am, and as I threw back the covers and put my feet on the floor, I celebrated. I celebrated my getting up to enjoy and new and wonderful day. I rode my bike to the local park where I do my workout, and all the way there I was celebrating. I then did my workout, which consisted of 240 muscle ups. Do you think I waited till number 240 to celebrate? No, I celebrated every single one, because if I didn’t, I never would have made it to 240. I celebrated my ride home, I celebrated taking my dog for a walk, I am now celebrating each word of this blog I am writing because I know it will impact lives.

Every day, I celebrate me in many ways. I celebrate me for the things I do to be the best I can be. I celebrate me for the things I do that positively impact others. I celebrate me for my heart. I celebrate me for my grit, determination, and resilience. I even celebrate me for my insecurities, poor choices, and vulnerabilities. Why? Because that is what makes me who I am and that is what helps me learn and become a better man each and every day. I celebrate me, because I am worthy of celebration. So are you!

This blog is to help you realise that your worth is NOT based on your achievements, your education, the money you have in the bank, how fast you can run 10km, how much weight you can lift, how you look or any of the other things we have been manipulated to believe really matters. Your worth is you. The character traits you have, the heart you have, the influence you have on others, your smile that lights up the room, the things that bring you joy and the fact that you are alive. You see, God made no junk. God breathed life into you, knowing that you are amazing and that you are here to leave your mark on earth. Every day you live, everything you do and every person you interact with is creating that powerful legacy. Wow, if that isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

I was excited to publish episode number 100 of The Wellness Puzzle Podcast this week, called Time to reflect. As I was reflecting, I recognised that there were so many moments of joy and celebration in the journey to create, launch and continue to put my podcast out to the world. I am proud of myself. You should be proud of you. My challenge to you today is to see how many ways you can find to celebrate you. The more you do, the better you will feel, the more you will do and better the results will come flooding into your life. Trust me on this, and… celebrate you!