My conversation with Craig Harper, as always, is one you will get an enormous amount of value from. I just knew, before the conversation started, it was going to be a powerful and profound conversation.  Both Craig and I have struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food and eating, in two very different ways. In this podcast we get raw and real and discuss how to build a positive relationship with eating and make the consumption of all types of wonderful food, the pleasurable and energy giving pastime it should be.

Craig and I go back many decades and he is a great friend and former business partner of mine. He is an powerful speaker, author, radio presenter and host of globally acclaimed the ‘You Project’ podcast. In our first two conversations, episode 2 and 13, have discussed topics and ideas to help people create a different mindset and positive change in their lives. In this episode the goal is no different, as we focus on eating. Craig says, ‘Despite what we may believe, it’s not about the food, it’s about our thinking.’

He is direct, honest, inspiring, hilarious, serious, straight to the point and feisty. Let me tell you, Craig pulled Warren the rabbit out of his hat, and you will definetly want to listen all the way through to find what that is all about. Enjoy this engaging and inspiring conversation with Craig Harper.

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