Martin Silva is a man passionate about life and passionate about helping people be the best they can be. He has more than ten years in the health and wellbeing space. He rose to high levels as a bodybuilder and model, and is now transforming lives as a fitness and weight loss coach and podcaster. 

Coming from Cardiff in Wales, he is now officially and Aussie and we are glad to have him here. After many years as a body builder, struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food, and battling an identity that revolved around his muscular physique, Martin  made some changes in his life. He changed his focus, he changed his mindset, and he focused on habits that would increase his wellbeing, not just his biceps. The result is a man who definitely knows how to bring sexy back to the things that many consider un-sexy.

We touch on many key points and subjects in this podcast, and we have fun, because if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing. So, if you want to happy, healthy, and live a life of joy and meaning, then this is a wonderful conversation not to be missed

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