Kimberley Mellor is a passionate personal trainer and wellness coach on a path to making movement more accessible to everybody. With 11 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, her passion extends to advocating for and working closely with vulnerable individuals who have faced adversities stemming from trauma, challenges, or discrimination. Kimberley is particularly drawn to supporting our First Nations People, individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, veterans, youth impacted by family or domestic violence, and anyone seeking to leverage her expertise for their well-being.

Coming from a traumatic background herself, Kimberley is living proof that if you want to make positive change in your life you can no matter where you come from. Encompassing physical movement and mental wellness Kimberley is known for ‘bringing the sunshine’ to all her client’s lives. Teaching her clients how they can ‘bring the sunshine’ into their own lives by stepping out of a victim mindset and into a powerful, forward-moving mindset that can break down barriers, instill new habits and genuinely light up their own lives brings Kimberley the most amount of joy!

Kimberley made a splash in the disability community a few years ago with her innovative ways of delivering movement for everybody! From supporting people in the gym lifting weights, in the pool teaching them how to swim freestyle unassisted, to learning how to skateboard and stand-up paddleboard. The bigger the challenge the bigger the reward, for not only her clients but for Kimberley who lives for the goal setting, planning and problem-solving behind the scenes of every interaction she has with her clients.

Kimberley works closely with First Nations clients currently and with the help of cultural advisers she is able to deeply listen to the people and help them own their health, live longer with more mobility and connection to their bodies. By reducing accessibility problems and empowering the people with knowledge and accreditations as a movement Kimberley can help reduce chronic health conditions and increase the life expectancy of the First Nations People. Enjoy this fabulous conversation

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